10 QUESTIONS WITH TWENTYMAN: What will Forsett's role be?

Every week during the regular season Tim Twentyman will answer 10 good questions from his Twitter account @ttwentyman in a feature we call "10 Questions with Twentyman."

20man: The Lions didn't sign him to sit him on the bench. They obviously think he can help them.

Forsett, who turns 31 this week, gives them a veteran presence and some depth, but he's also the only true runner they have on the roster with any real experience.

He rushed for 1,266 yards back in 2014, but was averaging just 3.2 yards per carry in three games this year in Baltimore before sliding out of the Ravens' running back rotation.

I still see Theo Riddick being the lead back. He's too important as a pass catcher to take off the field, and the Lions can't tip their hand by not handing him the ball.

Washington, when he returns, is still going to get carries. He's shown big-time promise when healthy. He hasn't done anything not to continue to get those looks.

The fact that neither Riddick (ankle) or Washington was on the practice field Wednesday is worth monitoring as the week goes on, and could certainly affect Forsett's role this week.

When everyone is healthy and available, I expect Riddick and Washington to be No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, with Forsett challenging for the No. 3 role.

20man: I actually really like Ameer Abdullah, and think he can be a very good back in this league.

With him leading the way the first two weeks of the season, the Lions gained 116 and 134 yards on the ground. Abdullah averaged 5.3 yards per carry Week 1 vs. Indianapolis and was averaging 6.3 yards the following week against Tennessee before injuring his foot.

He's a tougher runner between the tackles than he gets credit for. As long as he comes back from foot surgery the same player, I'd rather take another playmaker on defense or continue to bolster both lines before using a first-round pick on a running back.

20man: The guys I consider "elite" receivers – Julio Jones, Antonio Brown and A.J Green – have been consistently among the top of the receiving yards leaders for multiple seasons. In the case of Julio Jones and Brown, they've had consecutive 1,500-plus-yard seasons.

Marvin Jones Jr. is still looking for his first 1,000-yard season.

But if he can continue on this track and end up around 1,500 yards, and then validate it with another great season in 2017, then maybe he starts to get into the conversation.

20man: He has a shot. He's leading the league with 519 yards currently, but I'd probably put my money on Atlanta's Julio Jones (517). He's done it before, and the guy is just physically a beast.

I look at Marvin Jones Jr. as a tactician on the football field. He's great at creating space, and does a good job down the sideline with body control. He's technically so sound.

Julio Jones (6-3, 220) will run past, over or around a defender, it really doesn't matter.

20man: Probably not, but that's the NFL for you.

There have been 58 games within one score in the fourth quarter through Week 5, the most such games in the first five weeks of a season in NFL history.

20man: Going 1-4 was really going to put this team in a bad spot, obviously, but last Sunday's win can only be considered a season-saver if they stack a couple wins on top of it, particularly these next two at home.

"It's a big one, but at the same time we've got to stack these and just keep playing well," quarterback Matthew Stafford said right after last's week win.

20man: It's a combination of both, but don't let the players off the hook, either.

After running the football pretty well in the first half against the Eagles (77 yards), I thought the Lions got outplayed upfront in the second half, particularly in the third quarter.

It really doesn't matter what play is called if players are getting beat physically upfront. Detroit's offense wasn't good on early downs in the second half, and faced too many 2nd and long situations.

I don't think it's as easy as just saying, 'Wow, they haven't put a 60 minute game together yet, so they must be getting out-coached.'

I talk to the players in the locker room, and guys like Glover Quin have put more of the onus on the players than the scheme. Quin would know better than me, and I can tell you Quin isn't afraid to speak up if he thinks the schemes aren't good enough or adjustments aren't being made.

20man: Tomlinson remains the Lions starter when healthy, according to Caldwell this week.

However, we'll have to see how healthy Tomlinson is on Sunday. He sat out Wednesday's first practice of the work week with a neck injury.

Glasgow wasn't perfect last week, but I thought he held his own. He could continue to get some reps.

If Tomlinson can't go Sunday, Glasgow could start. If that scenario plays out, and Glasgow plays really well in a Lions' win, then it will be interesting to see what happens from that point. Stay tuned.

20man: The Lions think they have started down the path to consistency with the hiring of Bob Quinn as general manager. Having good players and a deep roster lends itself to consistency. But as Quinn has said a number of times, it's going to take time. He's building for the long haul, not the short term.

If we're talking about the short term as in this season, I think confidence and consistency are a big part of it. This team needs to develop a killer instinct, and that only comes with winning and winning consistently. I thought we saw a little bit of it in 2014 with the defense. Those guys went into every game thinking they were going to shut the opponent out. They didn't play down to anyone's level.

The tough start last year seems to have really shaken this team. I think they just need to get the same kind of swagger back that I saw with the 2014 team.

20man: You are what your record says you are. This is a 2-3 football team.

Some of those players in the locker room probably look at the Tennessee and Chicago games as winnable games they let get away.

Players in the Indianapolis and Philadelphia locker rooms probably feel the same way.

The Lions have been in every game with a couple plays being the difference. The reality is they are currently at 2-3 and need to stack some wins together to get back in the hunt in the NFC.

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