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Mobile ordering through the Detroit Lions Mobile App will be available on game day. Please see below for ordering instructions.

Step 1

Download the Detroit Lions Mobile App

Download the Detroit Lions Mobile App

The first step to secure digital ticketing is to download the Detroit Lions Mobile App from the Apple Store or Google Play

* Please make sure to keep the app updated to the latest version – new updates will be introduced throughout the year!*

Step 2


Open the app and click on "More" from the bottom menu.

Step 3


Choose the "Food & Drink Ordering" card from the list.

Step 4


Choose an available mobile ordering concession location from the list.

Step 5


Choose your items and quantities for each. Once complete choose "Checkout" in the top right corner.

Step 6


Review your order and enter your credit card information. Once complete choose continue at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7


Once your order is submitted you can proceed to the concession stand. Please make sure to have your ID ready if ordering alcoholic beverages.

QR Code


Once the Detroit Lions Mobile App has been downloaded to your device, you can scan this QR code to automatically open the "Mobile Ordering" functionality.