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We currently expect and are planning for a full NFL game schedule in 2020. However, if a Detroit Lions home game is officially canceled or is played, but under conditions imposed by a governmental authority that prohibit fans from attending, the refund policies below will apply. This policy is not applicable to games that are postponed and played at a later date.

  1. For tickets purchased directly from the Detroit Lions (i.e., Season Tickets, Groups Sales and/or Partial Season Plans, Ford Field Box Office purchases), buyers will receive the option of a full refund of their ticket purchase price or to apply the applicable amount to future ticket purchases through the Detroit Lions. Please note that the face value assigned to tickets purchased as a part of Season and Partial Season ticket plans differ from game to game based upon a number of factors, including pre-season vs. regular season games, opponent, start time and holidays. Please log into your account through the Detroit Lions mobile app to view the face values assigned to each game and the amount which will be credited or refunded in the event of a cancellation.
  2. For single game tickets purchased through other NFL Licensed Channels (i.e., Ticketmaster, SeatGeek or StubHub) those Licensed Channels have currently communicated the following refund policies for canceled games. A primary sale means the sale of a single-game ticket posted and sold by the Detroit Lions. A secondary resale is any sale of a ticket by the original purchaser or any subsequent purchasers.
  3. Ticketmaster: Automatic refunds provided for all primary and secondary resales within 30 days of cancellation.
  4. SeatGeek: Refunds provided upon request for all primary and secondary resales within 30 days of cancellation.
  5. StubHub: No cash refunds for primary or secondary resales. Credit issued worth 120% of original order. Credit expires in 2022 and can be used on any future StubHub purchase. Ticket Buyer must call StubHub directly to request refund.

Please note that these policies are current as of the date below, but are subject to change in accordance with the applicable Licensed Channel's terms and conditions. Please visit the Licensed Channel's website for their current refund policy. The Detroit Lions will not refund tickets that have been transferred out of your site if applicable law requires the Detroit Lions to refund the face value to the person(s) then in possession.

The Detroit Lions reserve the right to amend or supplement this policy at any time and any interpretations are in the sole discretion of the Detroit Lions and are final.

Last Revised: May 6, 2020