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WEEK IN REVIEW: Stafford set to make 100th career start

Quarterback Matthew Stafford is set to make his 100th career start for the Lions this Sunday, and he's doing it in style.

Stafford's already first among all NFL quarterbacks through their first 100 games in passing yards (27,624) and completions (2,392). He ranks fifth in touchdowns (177), but has a chance to climb up a spot this weekend by jumping Peyton Manning (178).

There's no question Stafford has been on a hot streak lately. He's showing toughness and accuracy, drawing attention not just locally, but nationally as well.

"I'm my own worst critic, so if I wasn't completing a high enough percentage of balls for our coach, I was going to go out there and try to complete more of them," Stafford said Wednesday when asked about his improved accuracy.

"That's just a bunch of hard work. The experiences, the more comfortable you are with what you're seeing and what you're looking at, the more comfortable you're going to play, the more accurate you can be as a passer."

Throughout his 99 starts, Stafford has made plays all over the field, but which ones stick out the most to his teammates?

"The ball to Golden two weeks ago on third down," quarterback Dan Orlovsky said. "When he threw it I turned around to (Jake) Rudock and said, 'not many humans make that throw.' And that's honest, that was stupid.

"The ball to Golden vs. Atlanta in London two years ago was wild. It was thrown so far so hard. That throw to Calvin on the Monday nighter opening game two years ago, the second touchdown, when (Stafford) was running one way and flicked it the other way to Calvin. That was pretty sick."

This week's opponent, the Washington Redskins, are currently on a four-game winning streak after starting their season 0-2.

"Yeah, we were happy that we were able to get back on track and get to a place now where we can control everything we want to go to on the field, but you know, it's always one game at a time and whether you're 0-2, 2-0, 4-2, 2-4, you just keep playing." Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins told Detroit media in a conference call Wednesday.

"I've learned that in this league, things change quickly and you just stay the course and take each week as it comes and that gives you the best chance to be where you want to be at the end of the season."

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While Stafford gears up for his 100th start, another key contributor on Detroit's offense is also passing significant career milestones.

Wide receiver Anquan Boldin is steadily climbing the all-time receiving charts. He's currently 15th on the all-time receiving yards list with 14,439. His 77 touchdowns put him at 28 in that category.

But Boldin isn't all that interested in where his stats rank him, he's much more interested in winning.

"The only numbers that matter to me are championships," Boldin said. "Catches, yards – all that stuff, it doesn't really matter. People forget that, anyway, or somebody comes behind you and takes your spot. That stuff doesn't matter.

"One thing you can't take away is championships. I play this game for one reason – to win championships. I'm having fun when I'm winning."


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