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One Pridecast Episode 91: Week 4

On the latest episode of the One Pridecast presented by MGM Grand Detroit, Tori Petry talks with Mike O'Hara about the Lions' Week 3 win over the Cardinals and their Week 4 matchup with the Saints.

The highlights include:

  • 1:12 - what stood out about the Lions' win in Arizona
  • 7:07 - why the Lions are using Adrian Peterson so much
  • 10:50 - how the Lions got more pressure on the QB
  • 12:03 - which players stood out in the team's Week 3 win
  • 15:36 - why Drew Brees isn't playing at his best
  • 18:22 - the gauntlet of receivers the Lions secondary has had to face
  • 19:30 - Jeff Okudah's improvement
  • 22:15 - a potential opportunity vs. the Saints defense
  • 23:21 - Mike's Pick of the Week presented by MGM Grand Detroit

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