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One Pridecast Episode 86: Detailing COVID-19 precautions for training camp

On the latest episode of the One Pridecast, Tori Petry talks with team president Rod Wood and infection control officer Matt Barnes about the Lions' preparations for Training Camp presented by Rocket Mortgage.

The highlights include:

  • 2:04 - team president Rod Wood joins
  • 3:18 - how all the changes at the facility were made
  • 6:01 - what the IDER (infectious disease emergency response) is and how the Lions came up with theirs
  • 10:58 - what the training camp experience will be like without fans in attendance
  • 12:47 - why the NFL didn't take the "bubble" approach to returning
  • 14:39 - what to expect from the regular season
  • 16:56 - infection control officer Matt Barnes joins
  • 17:44 - detailing Barnes' responsibilities as "infection control officer"
  • 27:25 - how he contributed to the IDER
  • 29:00 - what precautionary measures players encountered on arrival
  • 32:22 - what the testing process looks like
  • 34:10 - what happens if someone tests positive

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