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One Pridecast Episode 81: Breaking down the first wave of free agency

On the latest episode of the One Pridecast, Tori Petry talks with Mike O'Hara.

The highlights include:

  • 1:09 - how reporting on sports is different in the age of self isolation
  • 3:07 - what Mike and Tori are working on for right now
  • 7:46 - the biggest move of free agency for the Lions so far
  • 11:21 - what kind of impact Jamie Collins will make on this team
  • 12:45 - the backup QB situation
  • 15:08 - how free agency affects what the Lions might do with the No. 3 pick
  • 18:19 - whether the Lions have improved defensively through free agency
  • 21:37 - what the the offensive line looks like after free agency
  • 23:20 - the welcome distraction of the NFL news cycle

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