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One Pridecast Episode 127: Dan Campbell, Alim McNeill & Mike O'Hara ahead of Lions vs. Seahawks

On the latest episode of the One Pridecast presented by BetMGM, Dannie Rogers is joined by Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, nose tackle Alim McNeill and columnist Mike O'Hara. Coach Campbell breaks down what he's expecting from the Seahawks offense before Alim McNeill joins Dannie to discuss his rookie year and his budding music career. Lastly, Mike O'Hara rounds things out with his Pick of the Week, presented by BetMGM.

Highlights include:

  • 1:28: Coach Campbell on what he's watching for from Russell Wilson and his wide receivers
  • 4:11: Lions nose tackle Alim McNeill joins the show
  • 9:23: Mike O'Hara's Pick of the Week, presented by BetMGM

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