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One Pridecast Episode 108: Chris Spielman talks culture shift in Detroit

On the latest episode of the One Pridecast presented by MGM Grand Detroit, Tori Petry talks with Lions Legend and special assistant to chairman and president & CEO Chris Spielman about the culture shift he's helping to bring about in Detroit.

The highlights include:

  • 1:13 - how Spielman is enjoying his new role in the organization
  • 2:26 - behind the scenes of the coach + GM search
  • 6:33 - the importance of leadership caring about the city
  • 10:35 - how the team is going about implementing a culture shift
  • 12:49 - why it's important to integrate the football and business sides of the organization
  • 15:32 - Spielman's responsibilities now that the big hires have been made
  • 17:14 - why it matters that Sheila Ford Hamp sat in on free agency meetings
  • 19:51 - what to expect from this team on the field in the fall
  • 21:49 - Spielman's impressions of Campbell's initial press conference as head coach
  • 22:56 - Perk of the Week presented by MGM Grand Detroit
  • 24:03 - Spielman's message to Lions fans

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