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Off the Record with Dannie Rogers Episode 8: Dan Churchill, chef and author

On this week's episode of Off the Record, Dannie is joined by Dan Churchill, an Australian chef, author, and co-founder of Charley St NYC, a restaurant in New York that pays homage to Dan's roots. Chef Dan teaches the rookies of the Detroit Lions how to cook pasta dishes and the importance of being able to cook up healthy food. He sheds light on how his family started his love for cooking, his rugby background and why he took the performance nutrition route of cooking. Dan also breaks down coffee culture in Australia and his plant-based products. 

Highlights include:

  • 1:00: Chef Dan tells us why he's in the Detroit Lions practice facility and walks us through his experience appearing on reality cooking television.
  • 5:00: Chef Dan talks his rugby experience and the difference from American football.  
  • 10:00: Chef Dan uses his performance background to break down strength conditioning for pro athletes and the NFL combine.  
  • 12:00: Chef Dan teaches Dannie about the coffee culture within Australia. 
  • 17:00: Chef Dan introduces us to his plant-based products that are used on the menu in the Detroit Lions practice facility.

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