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Off the Record with Dannie Rogers Episode 5: Mojo in the Morning

This week on Off the Record with Dannie Rogers, she invited one of her favorite on-air hosts to join her inside Detroit Lions media studio. A familiar voice that echoes to 1.8 million people daily, Mojo in the Morning from Channel 95.5 shares his love for the Lions, his start in the industry, how he came up with the infamous War of the Roses segment, and so much more.

Highlights include:

  • 2:00: When Thomas became Mojo... one of the most well-known radio hosts in the country and how he almost became a sports broadcaster.
  • 10:00: Mojo explains why he transitioned from a Bears fan to a Lions fan and it started with meeting the legendary Barry Sanders.  
  • 15:00: Mojo talks the 1.8 million listeners that tune into Mojo in the Morning daily and how passionate the fans are. He discusses how the crew of Mojo, Spike, Shannon, Mike, and Meghan came together.  
  • 23:30: Mojo dives into how each show comes together with topic diaries and how the War of the Roses segment started.

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