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Off the Record with Dannie Rogers Episode 14: Sam Rapoport, NFL Senior Director

On this episode of Off the Record, Dannie sits down with NFL Senior Director Sam Rapoport. The two discuss how Sam landed at the NFL after playing pro women's football in Canada, Sam's first internship with the league office and more.

Highlights include:

  • 1:00: Sam breaks down how she landed herself in the NFL after playing pro women's football in Canada.  
  • 4:31: Sam describes her first internship with the League office that led to her full-time status with the NFL and advice to young interns who want to grow within a company.  
  • 5:30: Sam breaks down the Women in Football Forum that she created for the League that introduces women working in college football to NFL coaches and GMs.  
  • 12:00: Sam talks how women can be amazing leaders and how men can improve in leadership spaces as well.  
  • 17:00: Sam explains the projects she's been most moved by that champions the diversity of the NFL.

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