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Off the Record with Dannie Rogers Episode 10: P.L., rapper and sports music composer

On this episode of Off the Record, Dannie features Terry Fox, known to those in the music industry as P.L. for his rapping and composing skills. P.L, an Ann Arbor native, is the voice of every Detroit Lions kickoff video viewed by thousands inside Ford Field on game days. You might recognize his work from NFL Network and his classic hit song, "In the Zone."

Highlights include:

  • 2:00: P.L. talks the work he does with the Detroit Lions including being the voice of Detroit's kick off game trailers.  
  • 6:00: P.L. talks how he almost won a song contest for the NBA 2K video game and how he turned adversity into a positive outcome with his hit song, "In the Zone."  
  • 8:30: P.L talks how he got into the rapping and music recording industry being an Ann Arbor native, including heading to NYC and his first stint on the radio.  
  • 13:00: P.L talks his home setup that led to a deal with the NFL Network and producing music for NFL Network despite his dad battling cancer.  
  • 18:00: P.L. talks the freelancing journey in music and how he's been able to sustain opportunities, along with the gratitude he shares with those who have helped him carve out his path.

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