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Off the Record with Dannie Rogers Episode 1: HARD KNOCKS Director Shannon Furman

Each week, Detroit Lions team reporter Dannie Rogers will share the stories of people in and around the NFL and Lions franchise. Episode 1 features Shannon Furman, a Penn State alum who is in her 18th year with NFL films and eighth straight year of working on HARD KNOCKS. Shannon's crew was on the ground in Allen Park feeding video and sound back to HQ in New Jersey that would then edit each episode that aired weekly. Shannon talks her journey as a Philly sports fan that influenced her career in the NFL and what she would tell students now who want to work in the sports communications business as well.

Highlights include:

  • 2:05: Shannon Furman talks how she got her job in the NFL with NFL Films that would catapult her to directing HARD KNOCKS and her Philly sports fandom.  
  • 11:51: Shannon gives advice to young broadcasters and communications students on how to set themselves up with an attractive resume so they stick out to future employers.  
  • 24:30: Working behind-the-scenes on HARD KNOCKS and navigating the tough stories such as roster cuts along with the motivational ones, like the rise of linebacker Malcolm Rodriguez.

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