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KEY QUESTIONS: Has Patricia considered taking on a bigger role in play calling?

Just 24 hours after dropping a third straight game, Detroit Lions head coach Matt Patricia spoke to the media Monday as he does every week.

Patricia said there's little time to feel sorry for themselves, and it's back to work evaluating the mistakes and finding ways to get better.

Here are the key questions to come out of the press conference:

Is Patricia planning on any more staff changes?

The team relieved special teams coordinator Joe Marciano of his duties last week after another series of penalties and coverage issues in Minnesota.

With other areas of this football team struggling over these last few weeks, are any other changes in the works?

"We're just pushing forward this week," Patricia said. "We're on schedule. We're not doing anything right now."

Has Patricia considered taking over a bigger role in the defensive play calling moving forward?

Detroit's defense has struggled to stop the run all season, and now they've been hit in the passing game two of the last three weeks by Seattle's Russell Wilson and Chicago's Mitchell Trubisky.

Detroit is currently 30th against the run (132.7 yards per game), 28th in points allowed (27.1) and 19th on overall defense (362.1).

"I have a lot of confidence in everyone who is out there with the play calling, whether it's defense or offense or special teams," Patricia said. "We are working together continually. We're on constant communication through the course of the game in all three phases."

A lot of the game plan and play calling is laid out before the game, but it's the in-game adjustments that seem to be the problem at times, especially the last three weeks.

Patricia said they have to be able to make those corrections a little better and quicker, but he has confidence in his play callers at this point.

Why has Ziggy Ansah played so sporadically the last two weeks?

Ansah played just 12 snaps in his return to action after a six-week absence due to a shoulder injury two weeks ago in Minnesota. That's sort of understood after so much time off. However, he played just 15 snaps in Chicago Sunday after claiming he felt "amazing" the day after the Vikings game.

"A lot of it is us trying to get him back into situations where he feels comfortable, too, where he can play and go out and perform and where he's going to help us," Patricia said.

That's really just been in passing downs the last couple weeks.

"There's some other players out there on the field we are using also in some different situations and kind of just rolling all those guys," Patricia said.

Patricia said Ansah's role is being expanded by the day, and the team will take it week-to-week in regard to his snap count.

Is this current roster good enough to still compete for an NFC North title?

The Lions (3-6) are currently three games behind division-leading Chicago (6-3) with seven games remaining.

"I believe in this team and we're going to work really hard every single day," Patricia said. "I think the guys in that room ... I have a great understanding of and what they are and what we're going to do as a team.

"We're not hitting the panic button or anything. We're just trying to get better. That's our biggest thing, just try and get some improvement. There's a lot of football left to be played and we're going to fight until the very end of this whole thing."

Is it a fair assessment to say the team hasn't been properly prepared in most of their losses?

"People can assess whatever they want from that standpoint," Patricia said. "I know that from our standpoint we are preparing hard every week.

"I don't think there's a situation at all where we've walked into any game this year where we said, 'We really don't know what our opponent is or what they're going to do or what their players are or who they are or what they do well and what they do poorly.'

"There's not one game have we walked into saying, 'hey, we have no idea about this opponent.' Trust me on that."

Patricia said there's been multiple issues in those games. That's been the hard part for him and his staff to iron out, and why he considers this a process of getting better.

Is there an update on the condition of punter Sam Martin?

Martin was taken to hospital following the conclusion of the game for an undisclosed injury evaluation. He did return to Detroit with the team.

Patricia didn't have an update other than to say he's day to day pending some results they get back Monday.

Martin spoke in the locker room after Patricia's press conference. He said was good to go, and planned to play Sunday.

How would Patricia assess the play of quarterback Matthew Stafford of late?

Too many times recently, and really in all their losses this season, Detroit's offense has struggled to find consistency early in games.

"I'm certainly sure there's thing's in there that he would like to have a back from a play standpoint," Patricia said of Stafford. "And there's things out there that we do a better job of putting him better position to make some plays and keep him upright and do all those things that we can to allow him to be the player that we know he is.

"Unfortunately, I think it's a couple different things that have played into some of those situations out there that we have to get fixed."

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