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GET TO KNOW: Tight end Sam LaPorta


Sam LaPorta: Highland, Illinois

If a Lions fan were to come to your hometown, the first place you would take them is ... ?

LaPorta: I would probably go to the town next to me actually in Trenton and go to the Dairy King

College major?

LaPorta: Business Management

Favorite movie?

LaPorta: I love It's A Wonderful Life

Favorite emoji?

LaPorta: The melting face emoji

Favorite meal?

LaPorta: I love pizza. Carbs. I'm Italian.

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Last thing you purchased?

LaPorta: Coffee at the airport

What would your entrance music be?

LaPorta: Maybe some Lil Wayne

If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

LaPorta: Golfing

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

LaPorta: Super speed

If you could play any other NFL position, what would you play?

LaPorta: Everyone would like to say quarterback but I don't think I could play quarterback. I would like to be a running back, tote the rock.

Favorite place to travel?

LaPorta: Somewhere warm. An island, beach. Something like that.

One person you'd like to meet?

LaPorta: Travis Kelce.

Favorite athlete of all time?

LaPorta: Walter Payton

Favorite thing about Detroit so far?

LaPorta: The people