GET TO KNOW: Defensive tackle Jashon Cornell

Main source of motivation?

Cornell: I'm self-motivated. I don't come from much. Growing up, I always found a way to get it. There's always room for improvement, and that's one thing that keeps me motivated.

Favorite team growing up?

Cornell: Ohio State, of course. I was always a big Buckeyes fan. I would always look forward to watching college football after my little league football games. College football Saturday, that's what you watched all day.

Hobbies outside of football?

Cornell: I do yoga a lot. I started my junior year of college and I fell in love with it. I also love to fish.

Best advice you've been given?

Cornell: Keep your head down and keep going, even if you can't go any more.

First job?

Cornell: I was a busboy at Eagle Street Grille.

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First sports jersey owned?

Cornell: Daunte Culpepper. I had a Barry Sanders jersey when I was younger. My uncle would collect jerseys, so we always had collectable jerseys in a bin. We had a ton of them. Collecting jerseys started with my grandfather, then it went to my uncle. In college, I think I had a pretty good jersey collection.

Strangest thing you've ordered on the internet?

Cornell: Sea moss. It's supposed to help you breathe better and feel healthier. I got it on Amazon. Health is wealth so I thought, 'Why not try it?' It's really nasty to be honest with you. The texture of it is so weird. You eat it, but I usually just blend it with my smoothies and call it a day.

Biggest influence?

Cornell: My mom and coach (Larry) Johnson from Ohio State.

Favorite food to cook?

Cornell: I love the grill – anything on the grill.

Are there any particular causes you are passionate about?

Cornell: I started with the Sound Mind Sound Body program when I was in high school. I came from Minnesota to Detroit every year throughout high school. It's such a great organization. It's great for inner-city kids or small-town kids who don't get that much exposure in sports.

The organization helps kids be able to go to college and be able to pursue a degree while playing a sport. I didn't have much, but that camp helped me get exposure, understand that I'm able to go to college and able to pursue a degree at an established institution and make my family proud.