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1) Are the Lions planning to host fans at all 10 home games?

No. The entire NFL preseason has been canceled, and the Lions have announced they will not be hosting fans for the first two regular season home games. The organization is still preparing to host fans for the final six games of the 2020 season.

2) Will food and beverage be served at Lions games in 2020?

Yes. However, food and beverage offerings will be limited to those that can be safely and properly packaged.

3) Will I be able to use cash to pay for concessions and merchandise at Ford Field in 2020?

No. To keep Ford Field as sanitary as possible, cash will no longer be accepted for any purchases at Ford Field, including concessions and merchandise.

4) Will I be permitted to eat and drink while walking through the stadium concourses?

No. In accordance with government guidelines, fans must remain stationary while eating and drinking. It will not be permitted to eat and drink while walking.

5) Are any seating areas going to be completely restricted from fan access?

Yes. In accordance with NFL protocols to create a protective barrier between coaches, players and spectators, the first seven rows of the lower level will not be utilized for guest seating on game days.

6) Will I be required to wear a face covering while inside the stadium or around the stadium campus?

Yes. In accordance with NFL guidelines, all fans and staff members WILL BE REQUIRED TO WEAR FACE COVERINGS AT ALL TIMES (other than while actively eating or drinking) while inside the stadium, and also while on stadium property outside of the stadium gates (parking lots, clear bag checkpoint, ticket scanning area, etc.). Fans should plan to arrive at the stadium already wearing their face covering. Fans that are not wearing a face covering will not be permitted to enter Ford Field. There are no exceptions.

7) Will I be required to have my temperature taken when entering Ford Field on gameday?

At this time, the NFL is not requiring fans to have their temperatures taken on gameday. However, the State of Michigan has not determined if this will be required if fans are permitted at Ford Field this season.

8) Are all gameday employees required to have their temperature taken on gamedays?

Yes. Ford Field gameday employees will be required to take and pass a temperature check prior to entering the stadium each game day.

9) Will I be required to enter a specific stadium gate at a specific time on gameday?

All fans attending Lions games will be assigned a specific entry gate and time window to enter the stadium. This will help minimize congestion at the stadium gates and allow for appropriate social distancing. STMs are highly encouraged to follow entry gate and time recommendations, as all fans will play an important role in helping create a safe and secure environment on game days.

10) What is the process for cleaning the stadium?

  • Prior to gameday, all common areas of the stadium including restrooms, concourses, tables, elevators, suites, etc. will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected leading up to gameday. Frequently touched areas will be prioritized and cleaned multiple times throughout the week.
  • Staff will use Victory Electrostatic Sprayers that enable a quick and effective disinfecting chemical application. The sprayers allow the chemical solution to cover hidden and shadowed areas, and enables large areas to be covered in a small amount of time. This process will also be used to clean all seats in the seating bowl.
  • On game day, frequently touched areas such as doors, elevators, restrooms, tables, handrails, etc. will be prioritized and cleaned throughout the game. Staff will be placed in all hospitality areas where guests will be eating. Tables/spaces will be cleaned as soon as guests leave in preparation for the next guest. Staff will consistently sweep and maintain all concourses, entrances, atrium, etc. from general trash and debris, and empty all full trash containers and recycle containers as necessary. Staff will respond properly to all radio dispatches of dry or wet spills, that will require immediate spot mopping or general clean-up of the area.
  • Post-game cleaning will commence immediately after the stadium is cleared of all guests. Special emphasis to be placed on all frequently touched areas with full stadium cleaning and disinfecting.

11) Will I be invited to attend training camp practices this year?

No. In accordance with NFL guidelines, fans are not permitted to attend training camp in 2020.


12) Will I have the option to retain my original 2020 seat location for the 2020 season?

No. In accordance with NFL guidelines and government imposed social distancing requirements, a significant number of seats at Ford Field cannot be used in 2020. With the updated seating configuration, we are unable to offer STMs their customary and previously assigned seat locations for the 2020 season. NOTE: All STMs will retain their customary seat locations for the 2021 season.

13) Why do I no longer see 2020 game tickets/parking passes in My Lions Account?

We are unable to offer you the opportunity to buy all 10 previously scheduled home games in your customary seat location(s) so all 2020 season ticket packages and parking passes have been removed from your online account.

14) What happens to the money I already paid to the Lions for my 2020 season tickets/parking passes?

The money you paid for 2020 season ticket and parking purchases is being stored as a credit in your My Lions Account. This account credit can be used to buy tickets to future Lions games or refunded at your request (see below section on 2021 Season – Ticketing FAQs for more information).

15) Will I have an opportunity to purchase any game tickets for the 2020 season?

Yes. During the week of September 14, STMs will have the opportunity to participate in an on-sale to purchase a single 3-game package (either the Blue OR Silver option) that contain pods of up to six seats.

  • Blue Package – Washington (11/15), Houston (11/26), Minnesota (1/3)
  • Silver Package – Indianapolis (11/1), Green Bay (12/13), Tampa Bay (12/27)

NOTE: Though all STMs are invited to participate in this on-sale, there is no guarantee that all STMs will have a purchasing opportunity before inventory sells out.

16) Can I use the money I paid for my 2020 season tickets to pay for the purchase of these 3-game packages?

Yes. During the checkout process, you will have the opportunity to utilize your account credits to fund your new purchase of 3-game package(s). If your total 3-game package purchase price exceeds your existing account credit, you will be required to pay the remaining balance in full at checkout.

17) When will I have the opportunity to purchase a 3-game package?

The Lions plan to offer STMs the opportunity to purchase 3-game plans the week of September 14.

18) Who will get the first opportunity to purchase 3-game packages?

The Lions will use a staggered on-sale to offer 3-game packages to STMs. The on-sale process will be similar to the Lions seat relocation program that took place in April. STMs will be prioritized and new STMs will be introduced to the purchasing environment every 15 minutes according to their priority ranking.

The Lions will use the below criteria to prioritize accounts for the 3-game package on-sale:

  • Customers seated in the first seven rows of the 100 level (prioritized by tenure)
  • Club seat holders (prioritized by tenure)
  • Remaining 100 level STMs (prioritized by tenure)
  • Remaining 200 level STMs (prioritized by tenure)
  • Remaining 300 level STMs (prioritized by tenure)

Tentative timeline for 3-game on-sale

  • Monday, September 14 (10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, September 15 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, September 16 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • Thursday, September 17 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)
  • Friday, September 18 (9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)


19) I previously purchased a 10-game parking pass for the 2020 season and I am now planning to purchase a 3-game ticket package for the 2020 season. Will I still receive my parking pass for these three games?

Yes. STMs who previously purchased a 2020 full season parking pass will have a 3-game parking pass added to their account for the 3-game silver or blue plan they purchase. These parking passes will be manually added to accounts shortly after the 3-game package purchasing opportunity concludes. No action is required and existing account credits will be used to fund the purchase of 3-game parking passes.

NOTE: Parking pass assignments for 3-game packages will mirror your initial 10-game parking lot locations and quantities (i.e., if you purchased two 10-game parking passes in the Ford Field Garage, you will be assigned two passes for the Ford Field Garage for the 3-game ticket package you purchased).

20) What if I purchased a 10-game parking pass, but have opted to not purchase 3-game ticket packages for the 2020 season?

In this instance, you will not be assigned any parking passes for games in 2020, and any payments previously applied to 10-game parking passes will remain as an account credit.

21) How will I learn my exact start time for the 3-game package purchasing opportunity?

Exact start times will be communicated via email the week of September 7.

22) Do I need to make my purchase at my exact assigned start time?

No. STMs may shop for seats anytime between their designated start time and the end of the buying process at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, September 18. However, with extremely limited supply, STMs are advised to login to shop for seats at their scheduled start time for the best available seating options.

23) How many 3-game packages am I allowed to purchase?

All STMs are eligible to purchase only one group of seats for either the blue or silver package, in pods of up to six seats.

24) Will I be allowed to purchase both the blue and silver 3-game ticket packages?

No. Due to limited inventory, STMs may purchase either a blue OR silver package.

25) As long as I don't exceed the six-seat pod limit, am I able to purchase seats in the blue package and other seats in the silver package?

No. Due to limited inventory, STMs may only purchase a pod of up to six seats in one package or the other.

26) What if I process a purchase for both a blue and silver plan?

STMs that purchase both a blue and silver package will retain their first purchase, but the Lions will automatically refund subsequent transactions that violate established purchasing restrictions.

27) What if 3-game plans are not sold out after all STMs have had the opportunity to shop for seats?

If inventory remains available after all STMs have had the opportunity to purchase a blue or silver ticket package, the Lions, at their sole discretion, may elect to conduct another on-sale for STMs to buy additional game tickets. If a subsequent on-sale is conducted, only STMs that elected to roll their account credits forward to the 2021 season will be eligible to participate.

28) Do I need to buy 3-game ticket packages in the same area as my customary season tickets?

No. You may purchase tickets in any available area of the stadium you choose.

29) If I see a pod of six seats together while shopping, may I buy only two of these six seats?

No. In accordance with social distancing requirements, the Lions are prohibited from selling adjacent seats to fans that are unknown to each other. When you see a pod of six seats, you must purchase the entire pod, or choose a different pod that contains the exact number of seats you wish to purchase.

30) Will there be aisle seats available during the 3-game package on-sale?

No. To satisfy NFL and local government social distancing requirements, all aisle seats are unavailable, as space is required between seated fans and persons utilizing the aisle ways.

31) What if I do not purchase tickets through this 3-game on-sale?

STMs are not required to purchase seats through this offer. STMs will not lose their 2020 seat location(s) for the 2021 season and will not harm their seniority status if they do not purchase a 3-game package.

32) Do I need to purchase a 3-game package to be eligible for a potential 2020-21 playoff ticket on-sale/lottery?

No. However, to be eligible to participate in any lotteries for purchasing opportunities for any home playoff games, it is required that all account credits are rolled forward to the 2021 season. Accounts that request a refund (either full or partial), will not be eligible for any playoff purchasing opportunities.

NOTE: Given the anticipated limited seating capacity, no STM can be guaranteed the right to purchase 2020-21 playoff tickets (if applicable). The Lions do not expect to offer playoff tickets to STMs that requested a refund, and do not expect to offer playoff tickets to the general public. The Lions reserve the right to adjust playoff ticket purchasing procedures based upon stadium capacity changes and other factors.

33) Am I required to roll my account credits forward to the 2021 season to participate in the 2020-21 playoff ticket lotteries?

Yes. In order to participate in any lotteries for tickets to any home 2020-21 playoff games, STMs must elect to roll all remaining account credits forward to the 2021 season. Accounts that request a refund of their account credits will not be eligible to participate in any 2020-21 playoff ticket purchasing opportunities.

34) Will I pay a fee when I purchase a 3-game package?

No fees will be applied to your 3-game package purchases.

35) How was the price of the 3-game package established?

The price of each 3-game ticket package is based on the exact STM price for the underlying games. For a price chart, CLICK HERE.

36) If I purchase a 3-game package, am I able to use NFL Ticket Exchange to sell some/all of my seats?

NFL Ticket Exchange will be available for STMs to sell tickets for games they are unable to attend, but resale will only be permitted for entire seating pods in 2020 to satisfy NFL and local government social distancing requirements.

EXAMPLE: An STM purchases six tickets to the Blue Package. NFL Ticket Exchange will require that all six tickets to any game are sold to exactly one buyer. It will not be permitted for an STM to keep two tickets for themselves, and then sell their remaining four tickets.

37) Will I be allowed to transfer my game tickets electronically to friends or family members in 2020?

Yes. Electronic ticket transfers will be enabled for the 2020 season.

38) Will I be required to transfer all of my seats to the same person?

No. Partial seat pod transfers will be permitted. However, STMs play a critical role in facilitating a safe and low-risk environment at Ford Field and should be cautious about only transferring tickets to friends/family or trusted households. In accordance with NFL and local government social distancing requirements, STMs should not transfer tickets in a manner that will result in strangers sitting directly next to one another.

39) What happens if I already forwarded some of my tickets to a friend or family member?

Because the Lions are unable to offer your assigned seat location(s) for the 2020 season, any previously forwarded tickets have been canceled.

40) What if I already sold some of my tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange?

Because the Lions are unable to accommodate your previously assigned season seat location(s) for the 2020 season, any previously sold tickets on NFL Ticket Exchange have been canceled and a refund has been issued to the purchaser.

41) What if some of the games in my 3-game package get canceled?

If any Detroit Lions home game is officially canceled or played, but under conditions imposed by a governmental authority that prohibits fans from attending, an account credit will automatically be applied to your account.

42) I enrolled in the Lions Pay-As-We-Play program to reserve playoff tickets should the team host home playoff games for the 2020-21 season. Will I still receive my seats for any home playoff games?

No. With limited capacities and social distancing guidelines, the Lions are anticipating the possibility of a reduced capacity stadium for any 2020-21 home playoff games. As a result, the $.01 playoff enrollment charge that you paid earlier this season will be refunded. The only STMs eligible to participate in playoff lotteries are STMs that rolled all account credits forward to the 2021 season.

43) I made a deposit to purchase group tickets for the 2020 season. Will I have an option to buy tickets?

The Lions will first provide all STMs the opportunity to purchase 3-game ticket packages. Following this on-sale, the Lions will evaluate their remaining inventory and determine if adequate inventory remains to satisfy group ticket requests. The Lions group tickets sales department will be in contact with groups that have placed a deposit by September 25, 2020 to discuss seating options (if any).

44) Will there be a single game ticket on-sale in 2020?

The Lions do not anticipate that single game tickets will be available for purchase for the 2020 season. STMs are encouraged to purchase a 3-game plan during the September on-sale event, as access to single game tickets is unlikely for the 2020 season.

45) Will the MGM Grand Detroit Tunnel Club field level seats be available in 2020?

No. In accordance with NFL policies, all field level seats will not be available in 2020.

46) Will I still receive complimentary NFL Game Pass and NFL Redzone access for being an STM?

Yes. The STM benefits of NFL Game Pass and NFL Redzone will both be honored for all STMs for the 2020 season.

Note: Canadian residents are not eligible to receive NFL Game Pass.


47) Do I have the option to receive a refund on the money I paid for the 2020 season?

Yes. STMs who have remaining credits on their season ticket account following the 3-game package on-sale have the option to request a refund. However, STMs that choose a refund will forfeit all Loyal Lions benefits and incentives offered for rolling account credits forward to the 2021 season.

48) How do I inform the Lions of my intentions to receive a refund for 2020 season payments?

During the week of September 21, STMs will receive an email from the Lions asking them to decide between rolling account credits forward to the 2021 season, or to request a refund of account credits. STMs who roll all account credits forward to the 2021 season will receive all Loyal Lions benefits/incentives listed below.

49) Are there benefits and incentives for rolling my account credit forward to the 2021 season?

Yes. STMs choosing to roll all account credits forward to the 2021 season are eligible for Loyal Lions benefits and incentives detailed below:

LOYAL LIONS BENEFITS: Earned when electing to roll all account credits forward to the 2021 season

  • Lions Loot bonus of 20% for every dollar rolled forward to the 2021 season (maximum of $500 in Lions Loot earned)*
  • Price freeze and guarantee that STM purchase price will not increase in 2021
  • Opportunity to participate in 2020-2021 home playoff game lotteries (if applicable)
  • Option to purchase additional 2020 tickets after all STMs have had a purchasing opportunity (subject to availability)
  • Option to pay additional funds to increase the 20% Lions Loot incentive (up to your original 2020 invoice amount)*

*Lions Loot is a virtual currency that may be redeemed for food, beverage or merchandise at Ford Field. The Lions Loot bonus is calculated based on the exact dollar amount rolled forward and applied to the STM's 2021 season tickets and is limited to a maximum credit of $500.00 per STM account. Lions Loot earned through this program will be distributed prior to the first home game fans are allowed to attend at Ford Field in 2020 and will expire on January 28, 2022. Lions Loot is an in-stadium credit only and non-refundable with no cash value. Accounts with excessive secondary market resales and/or seat-forwarding may not be eligible for the rights and benefits above.

NOTE: STMs that do not request a refund prior to September 28, 2020 will automatically have credits rolled forward to the 2021 season. STMs that elect a refund forfeit all Loyal Lions benefits.

50) Will I retain my original 2020 seat location for the 2021 season?

Yes. The Lions will automatically roll your current seat locations forward to the 2021 season.

51) Will I retain my current seniority status moving forward into the 2021 season?

Yes. All STMs will retain their current seniority status in 2021.

52) I am enrolled in the Lions 12-month payment plan. When is my next scheduled payment?

The 12-month payment plan for the 2021 season has tentatively been paused while STMs make their decisions on whether or not to use their existing account credits to purchase tickets for the 2020 season. At the conclusion of the 2020 ticket purchasing opportunity, the Lions will resume the 2021 twelve-month payment plan, with the first of nine monthly installments being due on November 1, 2020.


53) I earned Lions Loot for 2020 because I paid my season ticket invoice in-full before the February 28th deadline? When will I receive my 2020 Lions Loot?

Lions Loot earned through the 2020 renewal process will be added to your Lions Perks Card prior to the first game that fans are allowed to attend at Ford Field in 2020 (expiration date 1/28/2022).

54) When will I receive the Lions Loot I earned by rolling my account credit forward to the 2021 season through the Loyal Lions program?

Lions Loot earned through the Loyal Lions program will be distributed prior to the first home game where STMs are permitted to return to Ford Field and will expire on 1/31/2022.


55) What happens to the Lionsurance I earned in 2019?

Any Lionsurance credits that were earned in 2019 were initially applied to your 2020 invoice. However, since the Lions are unable to offer any STMs their full 10-game season ticket package in 2020, your Lionsurance has been tentatively removed from your My Lions Account. This Lionsurance will be automatically applied to your season ticket invoice prior to the 2021 season ticket renewal process (likely in February of 2021).

56) Will games within the 3-game packages be eligible for Lionsurance in 2021?

No. Lionsurance is not being offered for the 2020 season.


57) What if I have additional questions?

Membership service representatives are available to answer other questions you may have and can be reached at 313-262-2222.