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One Pridecast Episode 85: A conversation on racial injustice and the NFL with LB Christian Jones

Linebacker Christian Jones joins Tori Petry for a conversation on racial injustice and the NFL.

The highlights include:

  • 2:41 - what team meetings have been like as the attention has turned away from football and towards race issues facing the country
  • 7:18 - the Belle Isle Freedom March that players and coaches participated in
  • 11:57 - why the race conversation is part of the NFL conversation
  • 13:46 - how the discussion has progressed since Colin Kaepernick's first protest
  • 15:39 - Drew Brees' comments
  • 16:45 - responses to criticism of the movement for justice
  • 22:47 - what needs to change in the world going forward

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