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Cleat malfunction causes Ragnow to miss first snap this year

At the end of the year the NFL releases a list of all the players that took part in every snap for their team. It's a source of pride for those players that make the list. It shows they're available for their teammates and coaches each and every week and each and every play.

Detroit Lions rookie offensive lineman Frank Ragnow doesn't have a chance to make the list, even if he plays every snap in Green Bay, because of a crazy wardrobe malfunction last week against the Vikings.

He's pretty irritated about it, too.

"It's the only snap I've missed all year," he said in the locker room Friday. "It's going to bother me for a while. It's already bothering me."

Ragnow was blocking on a run play early in the second quarter when he planted and one of his cleats essentially disintegrated under him. The whole bottom part of the cleat came clean off.

For a moment it looked like he had injured himself when trainers came out to look at him, because he couldn't walk right with half his cleat tied and taped on his foot and the bottom half of the cleat missing.

Ragnow had a spare pair of cleats in his locker at Ford Field, but before a member of the training staff could run back and get it, the Lions had to run a 3rd and 3 play. They didn't convert and were forced to kick a 35-yard field goal.

"Man, they ran to get those cleats," Ragnow said.

Ragnow changed out his cleats and was ready for the next series, but the official game book has him playing 74 of a possible 75 snaps and now 1,001 of a possible 1,002 on the year.

"I missed the frickin one play," Ragnow said shaking his head. "The only one. Ahhh. Now I'm not going to be on (the list of players playing every snap) because of my stupid shoe. So yeah, I'm not too happy about it."

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