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10 QUESTIONS WITH TWENTYMAN: Will Golladay hold his own vs. Patrick Peterson?

During the regular season Tim Twentyman will answer 10 good questions every week from his Twitter account @ttwentyman in a feature we call "10 Questions with Twentyman."

20man: The Lions won't put him back on the field unless he's 100 percent ready to go and there's no chance of him injuring the knee further.

If he's ready to play, then he should play. He's a rookie with a total of 118 carries under his belt. He could use all the carries and experience he can get heading into next season.

20man: That's a tough task to ask of a second-year receiver, even one as good as Golladay has proven to be. Peterson, 28, is still in the prime of his career and is currently graded among the top 10 cornerbacks by Pro Football Focus this season. Quarterbacks have a 70.5 passer rating throwing on him with two touchdowns and two interceptions.

Golladay will make some plays, he's too good a player not to, but this could be another game like last week where they'll be looking for others to step up and make plays with him having such a tough matchup on the outside.

20man: Just a quick recap. Taylor Decker scored his first ever touchdown last week on an 11-yard screen. He inadvertently threw the football in the stands in excitement. After the game, he wished he wouldn't have done it, and asked for the ball back.

Decker has made contact with the man who caught the ball, and they've worked out a deal to return it. Here's the full story from Wood TV 8 on the westside.

20man: It just goes to show how crazy this league can be year over year, and how short a window of opportunity to win can truly be.

The Cardinals were 13-3 and played in the NFC Championship game in 2015, losing to Cam Newton and Carolina. Quarterback Carson Palmer had a Pro Bowl year that season, throwing 35 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

The next season, Palmer dealt with some nagging injuries, his touchdowns went down considerably, and the Cardinals finished 7-8-1.

Palmer broke his arm halfway through last season, and the Cardinals finished 8-8. Palmer retired, and the team went into rebuild mode with a new coach (Steve Wilks) and rookie quarterback (Josh Rosen).

When that happens, we typically see the type of season the Cardinals are having, as they build a new program and go through the growing pains of playing a young quarterback.

Baker Mayfield (3-6), Sam Darnold (3-6), Josh Rosen (3-6), Josh Allen (3-4) and Lamar Jackson (3-0), the five quarterbacks taken in the first round this past draft, are a combined 15-22 in their starts on the year.

20man: It's an unusual thought to have looking at a 4-8 team, but there are some encouraging things, like Kerryon Johnson and Kenny Golladay on offense, with Marvin Jones Jr. returning next season.

I really like where this defensive line is heading led by Damon Harrison. They need some pieces on defense, but they've shown some signs that they're really starting to pick up the scheme, and have played pretty well over the last month.

But as we all know, it usually comes down to quarterback play. Matthew Stafford is having a down year by his statistical standards. His skill weapons have been decimated, and he's struggled. That's just the reality of this season. With his weapons replenished next season, and Johnson in his second year leading the ground attack, one would hope they'd be better on offense next year than they've been in 2018, but that's really the key to the whole thing. This team will always go as No. 9 goes.

20man: GM Bob Quinn has made it well known that he likes drafting quarterbacks at least every other year if not every year. The Lions didn't draft one last year, so ...

It doesn't really matter who the coordinator is. I'd expect the Lions to look at the position in the draft, and I would extend the range to the middle rounds if the player fits the pick.

20man: Davis is currently graded as the No. 47 inside linebacker by Pro Football Focus. His career hasn't taken off the way the Lions had probably hoped.

Davis is still young, and I think one of the nice parts about his game is some of the versatility he provides. I think he can move over and play the WILL if the Lions want to go in a another direction at the MIKE.

Davis has also shown some pass rushing ability, though he's undersized for that to be a permanent role. He does have four sacks on the year in limited pass rushing opportunities.

I'd expect the plan moving forward is for Matt Patricia, Paul Pasqualoni and Al Golden to continue to work with Davis for another offseason on their techniques and fundamentals with the hope Davis continues to grow within this defense, puts it all together and becomes the player they think he can be.

20man: I'm not immediately sold at this moment that Bosa is the best pass rusher in this draft. I reserve judgement until after I see guys at the Senior Bowl, Combine and then get the numbers from their pro days. There's a lot of work that needs to be done from now to draft time.

That being said, I like where this Lions defensive line is heading with Damon Harrison, A'Shawn Robinson and Da'Shawn Hand. I think they're one elite pass rusher away from really being a great front. That's probably where I'd lean with a top pick, but like I said, so much has to happen between now and then in the evaluation process before we start talking about specific names. Let's not forget that free agency comes before the draft, and that can alter needs significantly.

20man: The edge rusher solidifies the front, and the defense is off and running. The other top four spots for me are probably another cornerback, a tight end, potentially a right guard, and a tie between one more receiving threat and linebacker depth.

20man: How the availability structure kind of works in Detroit is that during the season the head coach (Patricia) is the voice of the organization through his daily press conferences and postgame news conferences.

We'll hear from Quinn following the season as he becomes the voice of the organization in the offseason. He'll talk again at the Combine in February. He'll then sit down with reporters at the winter meeting in March after free agency has begun. He talks again during the draft.

But then when football gets back in action in May and June, and then again from Aug.-Dec., Patricia steps back into the forefront during on-field football activities.

That's just kind of how they operate here, so ask me this question again in January, after Quinn has his postseason press conference.

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