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10 QUESTIONS WITH TWENTYMAN: Which prospects could make an immediate impact?

From time to time this offseason Tim Twentyman will answer 10 good questions from his Twitter account @ttwentyman in a feature we call "10 Questions with Twentyman."

20man: I've always been a proponent of best player available. I think teams get into trouble when they go into the draft saying, 'We need to get a player at this position no matter what,' and pass on a better overall player on their board. Teams have to trust their evaluation process and their board.

That being said, Lions GM Bob Quinn has always had the philosophy of trying to blend talent and need. When looking at this draft and its strengths, while also considering some of Detroit's needs, I'd say defensive line, linebacker, offensive line and tight end probably make the most sense if they stay at No. 8.

20man: Non-draft question. I like how you mixed it up there.

I went back and looked. Patricia squared off against Phillip Rivers and the Chargers twice while he was the defensive coordinator in New England. He won both contests, 23-14 Week 14 of the 2014 season and 21-13 Week 8 of the 2017 season.

In the 2014 game, Rivers had a 73.9 passer rating (fourth lowest that season) with a single touchdown pass and an interception.

In the 2017 game, Rivers' passer rating was 76.0 (third lowest that season) with one touchdown and an interception. The Chargers were just 3-of-10 on third down in the game.

20man: I think there are a lot of players who can have an immediate impact. One player I really like, and hope is there at No. 8, is Devin White, the linebacker from LSU.

He's a three-down player that would give the Lions two young, athletic players at the linebacker position when paired with Jarrad Davis. I like that he was named a captain at LSU as a sophomore. I like that he runs in the 4.4's. I like that he can cover. I like that he had 10.5 sacks playing off the line as a blitzer the last two years. I just like everything about him, and think he'd be a great fit in this defense with the chance to make an immediate impact.

20man: Let's just say I wouldn't be shocked. Quinn has said he's willing to listen to offers. This is a very deep draft at a number of positions of need for the Lions. There are going to be impact players at those positions available in Day 2, so adding a pick makes sense.

I'd only do that, however, if I still believe I can get a player that I want while moving back. Let's say the six players at the top of my board are gone and the next group of five or six players are equally graded. I can move back a few spots, still get one of those players I like, and pick up a Day 2 pick to boot. In that case it makes sense.

But if I can get an impact player at No. 8 and he's easily the top graded player on the board, I make the pick at No. 8. Again, trust the board and do what makes the most sense. The good thing is the Lions have options.

20man: I'd say wide receiver is more of a need than running back. Kerryon Johnson, C.J. Anderson and Zach Zenner are a nice trio. Anderson, 28, is signed only through the 2019 season, so they'll probably pick one up, but I don't see it as a big immediate need.

Danny Amendola is a nice addition in the slot. He should have an impact, but we have to remember that he turns 34 years old in November. I believe the Lions need another young receiver to add to the room, particularly one with some slot experience. I wouldn't be surprised if that's addressed as early as the second day of the draft.

20man: We have to consider that maybe through the grading process the Lions have identified another player in the "elite" category that maybe others haven't. No board is the same.

In your scenario, however, I have no problem with them taking Iowa tight end T.J. Hockenson, if he's the best player on their board. It's the bigger immediate need, in my opinion, and he helps on two fronts as a pass catcher and physical presence in the run game.

20man: If I put a percentage on it I'd probably go 50-50. I think the depth of this draft lends itself to acquiring more picks in the right situation. You never know what team could be interested in what player. Who saw Kansas City moving from 27 to 10 a couple years ago to draft Patrick Mahomes? That came out of left field. It just goes to show how everyone's board is different, and teams value players differently.

The quarterback position usually drives first-round trades. With that in mind, I'd say Denver (No. 10), Cincinnati (No. 11), Miami (No. 13), Washington (No. 15) and the New York Giants (No. 17) could have interest in moving up to No. 8 if a quarterback they like is still available.

20man: Free agency always affects the draft. There was a lot of movement in free agency at the safety position and it could affect those guys considered Day 1 prospects.

Teams are always looking for talented and versatile safeties with the way the game has evolved over the years. Teams are in their sub packages 75 percent of the time. The Lions utilize a three-safety Dime package quite a bit, and my guess is that trend continues to rise across the league.

This is a good safety class. Those guys will hear their names earlier rather than later, but some of the guys who might have been Day 1 picks before free agency could slip into Day 2.

20man: Amendola ranked in the top 10 in the NFL last season in NextGen's separation from defenders statistic at 3.2 yards on average. I think that lends itself to being successful in Darrell Bevell's offense.

I also think there will be a receiver not yet on this roster who will make an impact as well.

20man: I think his value lies in his extreme athleticism. I think he'll probably be at his best in the NFL at the three technique defensive tackle position. I just see that as a natural fit for his skill set.

I think his athletic traits however (4.73 speed, 36-inch vertical and some of the short area burst and quickness) could allow him to stand up, move around and open up some more possibilities for him position wise.

He's an interesting prospect that teams will have to kind of project a little bit because of his size (6-2, 287).

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