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The Detroit Lions Football Education Department presents an exciting, interactive character education initiative entitled "Lions Leaders for Life", designed to teach students grades K – 5 not only what it takes to be a successful leader in life, but also how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Discussion about being a successful leader revolves around the Lions Leadership List, a list of six character traits one needs to have to be successful.

Forward down the field in your drive to becoming a Detroit Lions "Leader For Life"

L - LISTEN to your parents, teachers and coaches, and strive to LEARN each day at home, at school and in the community

E - Get in your playbook and become better EDUCATED by studying hard at school, understanding the importance of eating from the "5 MyPlate Food Groups," along with getting at least 60 minutes of exercise per day; as recommended by NFL Play 60

A - Develop a "game plan" by setting goals, and be AMBITIOUS in your desire for success

D - No Penalties! Be DISCIPLINED and do what is right in all aspects of life

E - Help your teammates and classmates by being an ENCOURAGING person who has a positive attitude, is a good friend and surrounds themselves with good people

R - Win the game of life by being RESPONSIBLE for your actions, and executing your role

The objective of the assembly is to utilize the sport of football and our Detroit Lions' Mascot Roary as an avenue to convey the "Leader For Life" message in a fun and educational forum.

Assemblies are 45 minutes in duration and require a 45-minute set-up window. Each assembly is $250. Book a school assembly below.