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This past off-season, Roary was committed to creating a “new look” Roary. He wanted to become a bit more agile, quicker, and stronger looking, just like the new Lions logo. He’s done just that. Check out Roary’s off-season commitment and effort towards bettering himself in the video below. Enjoy the transformation of Roary, the “New” King of the Jungle!

Click here to watch video of Roary!

All About Roary

Roary Pose
Roary models his #1 Jersey.

Home: The Lions’ Den, Ford Field

Position: Center (of attention)

Height: 10 paws high

Weight: Heavy

Age: A Lion never tells...

Hair: All over the place

Skin: A lil’ furry

Shoe Size: Bigger than Shaq

Dream Job (besides being the mascot for the Detroit Lions): King of the Jungle!

Miscellaneous Roary notes:

  • Roary is the spokeslion for the Detroit Lions Kids Club.
  • Roary attends elementary schools all over the state of Michigan as part of the “Lions’ Leaders for Life” Educational School Assembly Program, a high-energy character education program designed to discuss six qualities it takes to become a successful leader.
  • Roary likes to live on the edge and is quite the adventurist! He has been known to ride mechanical bulls, tube down a ski hill, and water ski. There isn’t anything Roary won’t do

Colors: Honolulu Blue, Silver, and Black

Movie: The Lion King

Book: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Food: Barbequed Bear and Viking Venison with melted Cheeseheads on top.

Lions’ Player: All of the Lions' players!

Song: Gridiron Heroes (Lions Fight Song)

Number: #1 (Roary’s jersey number)

Appearance Information / Fees / Who to Contact


Roary Friends
Roary posing underneath the goalpost at Ford Field!

Roary is available for appearances on a yearly basis. Roary can visit your seats prior to a Lions’ game, attend a birthday or holiday party, help make a special delivery (Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Halloween), be a part of your non-profit, charitable or corporate function, be present at a community festival or parade, attend your youth football banquet or nearly just about anything you can think of. Roary has conducted a number of unique appearances and has met some great people.

Roary’s appearance fee is determined by the length of time requested and the drive time to and from Ford Field. Please call (313) 262-2248 or e-mail for rates and availabilities.

It is recommended that all Roary appearance requests be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.

Roary’s appearances are limited to the state of Michigan. Roary will do his best to accommodate as many appearances as possible, but due to the number of requests, Roary can only be in one place at a time (that is, unless he decides to have a ‘lil Roary!).