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Aaron Glenn & Ray Agnew to participate in inaugural NFL Coach and Front Office Accelerator Program

The NFL announced Thursday an inaugural Coach and Front Office Accelerator program that will take place May 23-24 at the Spring League Meeting in Atlanta.

The program will provide senior women and minority prospects with leadership development sessions with football operations experts and facilitators, as well as time spent networking directly with club owners.

"The NFL is committed to diversity and inclusion and this program is the latest in a series of steps designed to improve our hiring practices," NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said. "The program ensures that clubs receive exposure to high performing, up-and-coming NFL talent."

Each club nominated two prospects to attend, with the Lions selecting assistant general manager Ray Agnew and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.

Agnew joined the Lions in 2021 after four years as the director of pro scouting with the Los Angeles Rams.

Glenn also joined the team in 2021, and has more than 25 years of experience in the NFL including playing, front office and coaching.

"It's an outstanding deal because it allows the owners and people that have decision-making responsibilities to get a chance to meet just people of diverse backgrounds throughout this whole deal," Glenn said of being selected for the program. "So, you can get a chance to have a face-to-face and know exactly who these people are, what they're all about and how will they represent your team if you would give them an opportunity to be the head coach of your team. I think that's always a good deal because sometimes you don't know the people that you're trying to allow to be a part of your organization, and more than that, just be the face of your organization. So, they can put a face to a name.

"When Dan (Campbell) first came and told me about this, him and Brad (Holmes), I thought it was outstanding for those guys to think that highly of me that they feel like I can run an organization. And plus, I've always tried to represent myself that way, just myself in general, I'm proud of the way that I have represented myself. That means they chose me for a reason, but it was a good feeling.

"More than anything, getting a chance to hear them (owners) speak on what their thoughts are and what they expect. I think that will change a lot of our thought processes, too. I think there's a lot of give and take in this whole deal. I think it's an outstanding event."

In addition to leadership development and sessions on the business of football, the two-day program will also engage candidates in candid discussions on how to take the next step in becoming a coach or front office executive.