Lions vs. Vikings injury report: Nov. 23

Detroit Lions

DEEzekiel AnsahankleLPLPLPQuestionable
SDon CareyhamstringLPLPLPQuestionable
C/GGraham GlasgowankleLPLPLPQuestionable
LBDeAndre LevykneeLPLPLPQuestionable
RBTheo RiddickankleLPLPLPQuestionable
DTKhyri ThorntonfootLPLPLPQuestionable

Minnesota Vikings

DTSharrif FloydkneeNPNPNPOut
CBMarcus Sherelsrib/ankleNPNPNPOut
CBTerence NewmanneckNPNPNPDoubtful
WRStefon DiggskneeLPNPNPQuestionable
LBEric KendrickshipLPLPLPQuestionable
CBCaptain MunnerlynankleLPLPLPQuestionable
SHarrison SmithankleNPNPLPQuestionable
CBMackensie AlexandershoulderFPFPFP
DTTom JohnsonillnessNPLPFP
SAndrew Sendejoillnessnot listedNPFP

*The Lions and Vikings did not practice Monday. Practice participation designations for that day are based on estimations.*

NP = Did not participate in practice
LP = Limited participation in practice
FP = Full participation
NL = Not listed

Full Participation = 100% of a player's normal repetitions
Limited Participation = Less than 100% of a players normal repetitions

Out = Will not play
Doubtful = Unlikely to play
Questionable = Uncertain if a player will play

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