Lions vs. Packers practice report: Dec. 29

Detroit Lions

RBTheo RiddickwristNPNP
WRAndre RobertsshoulderNPNP
LBDeAndre LevykneeLPLP
CBDarius SlayhamstringLPLP
CTravis SwansonconcussionLPLP
SMiles KillebreweyeFPFP
QBMatthew Staffordright fingerFPFP

Green Bay Packers

WRRandall CobbankleNPNP
LBJulius Peppersnot injury relatedNPNP
RBJames StarksconcussionNPNP
TBryan BulagashoulderFPLP
LBJayrone ElliotthandLPLP
GT.J. LangfootLPLP
CBDamarious RandallshoulderFPLP
LBJoe Thomasbacknot listedLP
C/GJC TretterkneeLPLP
CBLaDarious GunterelbowFPFP
LBClay MatthewsshoulderFPFP
RBChristine Michaelnot injury relatedNPFP
LBNick PerryhandFPFP
QBAaron RodgerscalfFPFP

NP = Did not participate in practice
LP = Limited participation in practice
FP = Full participation
NL = Not listed

Full Participation = 100% of a player's normal repetitions
Limited Participation = Less than 100% of a players normal repetitions

Out = Will not play
Doubtful = Unlikely to play
Questionable = Uncertain if a player will play

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