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GET TO KNOW: Tight end James Mitchell


James Mitchell: The Governor. I was meeting with one of [Virginia Tech's] offensive coaches Caleb Gelsomino, and we were just watching film. He was like, 'you know, I told the coaching staff when you're done playing football, you're running for Governor and I'm going to be your campaign manager.' We told a media guy and he tweeted it out, and then fans started calling me that so it just kind of stuck.


Mitchell: Big Stone Gap, VA

If a Lions fan were to come to your hometown, the first place you would take them is ... ?

Mitchell: Go to the Overlook, see a nice view or take them to Curklin's to eat.

College major?

Mitchell: Sports Media & Analytics

Favorite TV show?

Mitchell: Tyler Perry's House of Pain

Favorite emoji?

Mitchell: Probably the shrug shoulders one

Favorite meal?

Mitchell: My mom's mac & cheese

If you weren't playing football, what would you be doing?

Mitchell: Community outreach

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Mitchell: Teleportation

If you could play any other NFL position, what would you play?

Mitchell: Running back

Favorite place to travel?

Mitchell: You know I haven't traveled a whole lot outside of football, but Florida's nice. I was down there training pre-draft.

Proudest accomplishment so far?

Mitchell: Outside of making it to the NFL, probably just you know, being a God-fearing man, a family man.

One person you'd like to meet?

Mitchell: LeBron James

Favorite athlete of all time?

Mitchell: Magic Johnson