GET TO KNOW: Running back Jason Huntley

Most memorable game?

Huntley: The Arizona Bowl my sophomore year just because New Mexico State hadn't been to a bowl game in 57 years. We went there and we won. I had a 100-yard kick return. It was amazing. Probably my best game.

Main source of motivation?

Huntley: I'm really self-motivated, but I think my family and my situation motivates me as well. I'm trying to take care of my mom and put them in a better situation.

Favorite player growing up?

Huntley: When I was younger, I used to watch DeSean Jackson a lot. I think that's where I got my special teams love for, just watching him return kicks and I was just like, 'wow.' When I was younger, I also watched Percy Harvin when he was at Florida. He was fast, and Florida had this system where they had fast running backs and receivers going through there. His highlights were amazing.


Huntley: Friends call me J-Hunt. When I was in high school, everybody called me Cheetah.

Biggest obstacle you've overcome?

Huntley: I was really under-recruited when I was younger. I barely had any offers. I only had one big offer, and that was to New Mexico State.

Any hidden talents?

Huntley: I'm good at tennis. Always been playing just for fun.

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Proudest achievement outside of football?

Huntley: I haven't done it yet. I'm still working on my degree, but that will be my proudest one.

First sports jersey owned?

Huntley: I had a LeBron James jersey from his first stint with Cleveland. I was born in Ohio, so I always liked LeBron.

Little known fact about you?

Huntley: I was actually born in Toledo, Ohio. I used to go to Detroit all the time when I was younger. I have family that's still there. I'm a little familiar with it, but I haven't been to Ford Field yet.

First memory as an NFL fan?

Huntley: I went to a Cowboys-Saints game at Cowboys Stadium growing up. I wasn't a Cowboys fan, but they were so big in the area I had to check it out.

Are there any particular causes you are passionate about?

Huntley: I want to do something with young kids who don't have much. I was once in their shoes. Honestly, I'm going to look at as many ways as I can help them as I can. I want to help.