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Detroit Lions gameday experience ranked best in the NFL

DETROIT – The Detroit Lions announced today the results of the "Voice of the Fan" NFL-wide survey putting the club at the very top of the rankings as number one overall in Gameday Satisfaction. The overall score the Lions earned this year is the second highest season average from any club in the "Voice of the Fan" survey history. 

The club also saw significant rankings in nearly all categories of the survey including:
•    Finished No. 1 overall in Game Day Satisfaction
•    All eight of the main category scores for Game Day Satisfaction finished in the Top 10 in the NFL
•    Finished No. 2 overall in Season Ticket Member Satisfaction
•    All nine of the main category scores for Season Ticket Member Satisfaction finished in the Top 10 in the NFL 

For the Overall Gameday Experience portion of the survey, the Lions finished Top 5 in the league in the following categories:
•    Game Day Satisfaction (1st)
•    Crowd Energy Level (1st)
•    Audio Prompts & Music (2nd)
•    Sound System (2nd)
•    Game Day Staff (3rd)
•    Overall Game Entertainment (4th)
•    Videoboard Content (4th)
•    Mobile Ticketing (4th)
•    Departure (4th)
•    Security (4th)
•    Know Before You Go Communication (5th)
•    Arrival (5th) 

Voice of the Fan also surveys Season Ticket Members specifically, in which the Lions finished Top 5 in the league in the following categories:
•    Sense Valued (1st)
•    Exclusive Benefits (1st)
•    365-Day Experience (1st)
•    Direction of the Team (1st)
•    Premium Parking (1st) 
•    Value Exceeds Price (2nd)
•    Comfortable Location (2nd)
•    Prestige (3rd)
•    Exclusive Concessions (3rd)
•    Commitment to Community (4th)

"Voice of the Fan" survey results also indicated the Lions had the largest year-over-year increase in scores of any team in the League in the following categories:
•    Overall – Arrival
•    Overall – Mobile Ticketing
•    Overall – Security
•    Overall – Game Day Staff

"It is an incredible accomplishment by our organization to be considered the best in overall Game Day Satisfaction across the NFL and is a direct result of the dedication, hard work and talent of our staff," said Detroit Lions President and CEO Rod Wood. "This ranking is truly an organizational win, as it recognizes the tremendous effort of our football team on the field and our business and stadium operations staff off the field. I couldn't be prouder and look forward to continuing to offer the excellence our fans have come to expect next season and beyond."

The NFL's "Voice of the Fan" survey is a league-wide study that measures NFL Season Ticket Member experience and NFL game attendees' satisfaction with the NFL gameday experience. Each Club's fans are surveyed throughout the NFL regular season. Ranks are reflective of the positioning of each Clubs satisfaction scores among all 32 Clubs.

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