Why make this change to how you will approach community giving?

The Detroit Lions is part of this Detroit community and recognize the potential of focusing our philanthropy on those areas of most need here, locally. It is our firm belief that healthy families are the backbone of a healthy community; this is an opportunity to focus our charitable efforts around those that have the most potential to support Detroit's resurgence.

How did you choose the charities for Living for the City?

First, we looked at the areas of most need in our community and identified health, wellness and development as opportunities where we could have a great potential impact. From there, we evaluated the grassroots organizations in our community based on their mission. Playworks, Eastern Market, Hatch Detroit, Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit, and Lions Academy are organizations with a solid track record of success whose missions are focused on filling those health, wellness and development needs in our community.

How can fans get involved in Living for the City?

We encourage Lions fans to support the missions of our philanthropy partners. Supporting Living for the City is as simple as making small changes to your daily routine: Buy local produce, eat healthy, and encourage kids to play. On game days, we'd love for fans to visit the Eastern Market stand at Ford Field and support local farmers by buying their fresh produce. For those who are inspired to do and give more, we encourage our fans to contact our philanthropy partners directly for ways to get involved.

How will the players be involved in Living for the City?

As with all of the philanthropy that the Lions organization has committed to previously, we see Living for the City as an opportunity to highlight community need to the team, and invite them to participate in a way that's meaningful to them and their families.

How much money is the Lions organization investing in Living for the City?

The Detroit Lions' charity is making a $500,000 commitment to Living for the City, including financial and in-kind support. Since 1991, Detroit Lions have given more than $6.2 million to the community.