12 Month Payment Plan

Fans often ask for greater flexibility and convenience when paying for season tickets. To help accommodate this, the Lions are offering a 12-Month Auto-Renewing Payment Plan which allows current and renewing Season Ticket Members to break their season ticket balance for the 2020 season into 12, interest-free monthly installments. This payment plan automatically renews your season tickets each year.

New Season Ticket Members may take advantage of this benefit for the 2020 season during open enrollment in July 2019 pending their 2019 balance is paid in full at the time of enrollment.

Current and Renewing Season Ticket Members may enroll in the 12-Month Payment Plan at any time, but any payments from the previous July 1 to the date of enrollment will have to be made up in a lump sum at the time you enroll. Please note this option is only available to Michigan residents.

Marie has two season ticket memberships valued at $529 each. She decides to enroll in the 2020 12-Month Payment Plan during open enrollment in July 2019. Below is her payment schedule:

2 Season Ticket Memberships ($529 ea.) + $20 Processing Fee = $1,078

Table inside Article
Payment 1 8/1/2019 $89.83
Payment 2 9/1/2019 $89.83
Payment 3 10/1/2019 $89.83
Payment 4 11/1/2019 $89.83
Payment 5 12/1/2019 $89.83
Payment 6 1/1/2020 $89.83
Payment 7 2/1/2020 $89.83
Payment 8* 3/1/2020 TBD ~ $89.83
Payment 9* 4/1/2020 TBD ~ $89.83
Payment 10* 5/1/2020 TBD ~ $89.83
Payment 11* 6/1/2020 TBD ~ $89.83
Payment 12* 7/1/2020 TBD ~ $89.83
TOTAL $1,078.00

*Payments 8-12 will be adjusted to reflect the actual 2020 balance when 2020 prices are established in February of 2020.

NOTE: Amounts may vary slightly, as rounding is sometimes necessary.

During the enrollment process, you will be required to enter a valid credit/debit card number, which will be securely stored and automatically charged according to this payment schedule.

If you are interested in this payment option, please speak to a Detroit Lions Season Ticket Representative by calling 313-262-2222.