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Moms Football Safety and Kids Fundamental Football Clinic

The Moms Football Safety Clinic focuses on topics today's moms are eager to learn more about: player health and safety topics including equipment fitting, heat and hydration, Shoulder Tackling, Positive Parenting and a discussion of why children play sports and why children are quitting sports at earlier ages. The last segment of the clinic will be on the field with your child!

The Kids Fundamental Football Clinic is for children ages (6-14) and focuses on fun, position specific drills, character development and providing a better understanding of the game. Clinic includes a Shoulder Tackling Circuit with mom.

Clinic registration is FREE but each mom and child MUST be pre-registered for the clinic and MUST have a Lions-Vikings ticket to enter Ford Field. Game tickets are available by visiting

Clinic is limited to the first 100 participants (moms and kids) to register!