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Apply to have the Detroit Lions "Touchdown in Your Town" in 2020!

This spring, the Detroit Lions and partners will be surprising several lucky high school football programs with equipment & resources to promote a love of football and safe play. Following a successful inaugural year, Michigan high school football programs can now apply for support in the form of equipment, technology, apparel and/or grant funding… and a visit from the Detroit Lions and friends!

Michigan high schools with active football programs are eligible to be nominated. Priority will be placed on schools with a demonstrated need. Must not be a previous recipient of the Touchdown in Your Town program.

Important Dates & Deadlines:
Application Opens: February 10th, 2020
Submission Deadline: March 13, 2020 - 5:00pm ET
Selected Programs Notified: Spring 2020

2020 Touchdown in Your Town Application


Can I save my progress and return to finish my application?

  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to save an application and return to complete it. If the page is closed without submission, all completed answers will be lost.

How will applications be assessed and schools chosen?

  • Applications will be assessed based on need, merit, inclusion of a compelling narrative, and projected impact.

Who will review the application?

  • Applications will be assessed by the Touchdown in Your Town review committee, consisting of invested partners and members of the Detroit Lions organization

Who is eligible to nominate a school?

  • Applications may be submitted by coaching and administrative staff and should be limited to one per program.

What information do I need to nominate a school?

  • Please refer to the application for all required information

Who can I contact with additional questions about my application?

Can I apply for multiple types of equipment/resources?

  • Yes, you may select as many requested items as you need. Please note: even if your school is selected for the program, not all requested items are guaranteed.

Will I need to submit a grant report if selected for this program?

  • A grant report may be required if selected.

Can more than one person nominate a program?

  • Applications should be limited to one per program, submitted by coaching or administrative staff.

Can I apply for a camp or tournament?

  • Applications should only be submitted for Michigan high school football programs.