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To continue their support of local communities and businesses, Comerica Bank is pledging that for every Detroit Lions first down at Ford Field, they will give a philanthropic investment of $100 to a dedicated non-profit. Each games total will be invested toward a different non-profit for a total of eight community organizations. Learn more about the organizations selected for this year's program below.

First Down Donation Participants


January 1, 2023

F.A.R.M. Michigan

Family Assistance for Renaissance Men (F.A.R.M.) is a non-profit organization focused on the rehabilitation and reuniting of fathers with their children. Program services include mentoring, education & skill training, legal assistance, housing, and father/child relationship building. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,600


December 11, 2022

My Sister's Keeper

My Sister's Keeper is committed to keeping youth on the path to success through one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, peer mentoring, e-mentoring, school-based mentoring, academic enrichment, life skills, field trips, service-learning, summer programs, summer youth employment, life-coaching, and counseling. Since January 2013, MSK has positively impacted the lives of over 2500 youth. Our Founder Tanesha Windom, and 450 caring, professional women who serve as mentors, help to nurture, guide the trajectories, and change the narratives of young ladies ages 7-24. MSK mentors give their time, talents, resources, and support to youth to let them know that there is someone there who cares. After MSK, our youth continue to shine brightly, like Tatyana Collins, who was awarded a full scholarship to Wayne State University and will graduate in May with her Engineering Degree. She's also an entrepreneur with plans to create new technologies. Former mentee, Tony Hamm is pursuing her Psychology Degree at the University of Toledo and Carmella Butler is making her mark as a runway fashion model. Our mentees have helped develop our youth-inspired programs and youth-driven curriculums, authored an anthology by youth for youth, written a stage play, recorded music, designed video games, produced videos, social media campaigns, and art exhibits to champion their causes, participated in beauty pageants, fashion shows, and youth empowerment events, and taken several college and cultural tours. In celebration of its 10th year, MSK youth will launch a mentoring mobile app on MLK Day 2023. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,300


December 4, 2022

Life After Care

Life After Care L.A.C is a nonprofit organization founded by Jazley Trouser. The objective at Life After Care is to provide foster youth with the essential life skills necessary to sustain them beyond the foster care system. L.A.C was created based upon her own personal experience in the foster system and realizing it "takes a village" to raise a child. Incorporating five foundational pillars needed to reach social and personal goals necessary for lifelong success:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Character Development
  • Career Exploration
  • Culinary Arts / Health
  • Cultural Exploration

Our program is divided into these key modules to enhance lifelong development for youth graduating into adulthood.The program is design to include volunteers from our community, to help the youth understand that through a rich and diverse background from all walks of life and professional experiences a child can realize successful perspectives. To learn more, visit:

Donation Amount: $3,100


November 24, 2022

Arab American and Chaldean Council

Over the past 43 years of providing Health and Human Services to the vulnerable and underserved communities in the State of Michigan, ACC has evolved from an organization that focused on serving a specific population to one that serves all people of all ages and backgrounds. The profile of the person needing our services has stretched beyond one culture or background. ACC's services provide a holistic approach to care by providing health, education, employment, youth and community development programs. ACC is strong in its dedication of "Making a Difference" in the lives of those we serve and is proud to serve the diverse multi-ethnic communities of Southeastern Michigan. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,200


November 6, 2022

Horatio Williams Foundation

The Horatio Williams Foundation is dedicated to helping Detroit Metropolitan youth realize personal success and achievement through a series of developmental leadership programs that will engage students in education, sports and community service activities. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $1,900


October 30, 2022

Imagine Mentoring

The mission of the IMAGINE Mentoring Program is to teach young people who have experienced trauma to imagine the power of their potential, increase their self-esteem through self-awareness, and encourage them to pursue their dreams in spite of the obstacles they face in life. IMAGINE's programs have created a brighter future for more than 1000 of our most vulnerable children. The young people who have gone through the IMAGINE program grow up to be better parents, co-workers, and citizens...thus exponentially increasing the impact of the experience. While IMAGINE primarily works with school aged girls, they also serve the broader community through their annual Holiday Give Back. The Give Back provides gifts, toiletries and household items to low-income households that are struggling to make ends meet. The goal of the Holiday Give Back is to reduce the burden of the holidays on the parents, so that they can focus on their children. The IMAGINE Mentoring Program of Michigan is grateful to the Detroit Lions organization for their generous support. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,200


October 2, 2022

Pure Heart Foundation

Pure Heart Foundation's mission is to embrace the children of incarcerated parents (COIP) and empower them to break the cycle of generational involvement in the criminal justice system. Pure Hearts programming provides children with incarcerated parents an opportunity to reimagine their life confidently knowing that they're seen, supported and have equal access to resources and opportunities that will help navigate them to thrive in life and end the cycle of generational incarceration. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,700


September 18, 2022

Mostyn Community Development

Mostyn Community Development provides service and assistance in the following areas of academic enrichment for students deemed at-risk / underprivileged and special needs students: STEM and STEAM learning, career and leadership development, entrepreneurship, vocational training, community outreach, sports and recreation. MCD encourages students to explore and grow in their educational and career journey. MCD partners with schools, community centers, churches, school districts, other community organizations, and state departments to expand learning time and boost student achievement. For more info, visit:

Donation Amount: $1,700


September 11, 2022

DEFY Program

DEFY Program is a youth non-profit organization that provides access, mentorship, and opportunity to youth of all ages through research based programming tailored to meet the needs of every scholar involved. For more information visit:

Donation Amount: $2,300


August 12, 2022

Judson Center

Judson Center is a non-profit human service agency that provides compassionate, comprehensive services to children and families throughout southeast Michigan. Since opening in 1924 , as an orphanage, Judson Center has grown to provide services to nearly 12,000 children, adults and families each year. Judson Center has been changing fates and restoring childhoods for children who have been abused and neglected, and others who are challenged by developmental and physical disabilities, severe emotional impairments and autism spectrum disorder.

To learn more about Judson Center, visit:

Donation Amount: $2,600