Owner and Chairman Martha Firestone Ford
Vice Chair Martha Ford Morse
Vice Chair Sheila Ford Hamp
Vice Chair William Clay Ford, Jr.
Vice Chair Elizabeth Ford Kontulis
Team President Rod Wood
Executive Vice President & General Manager Bob Quinn
Head Coach
Senior Vice President of Administration, CFO Allison Maki
Senior Vice President of Legal Affairs
and General Counsel
Jay Colvin
Senior Vice President of Business Development Kelly Kozole
Senior Vice President of Communications Bill Keenist
Vice President of Football Administration Matt Harriss
Vice President of Finance Elliott Kessler
Vice President of Marketing Emily Griffin
Vice President of Operations Todd Argust
Vice President of Ticketing & Premium Seating Todd Lambert
Vice President of Corporate Partnerships Bill Hawker
Executive Assistant, Mrs. Martha Firestone Ford Margaret Gramlich
Executive Assistant, Wood Margaret Gramlich
Executive Assistant, Quinn Mai Davis
Executive Assistant, Maki Rory McNally
Executive Assistant, Kozole Stephanie Gerrity
Executive Assistant Karen Wozniak
Executive Assistant JoAnn Lenden
Offensive Coordinator Jim Bob Cooter
Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano
Quarterbacks Brian Callahan
Tight Ends Al Golden
Wide Receivers Robert Prince
Running Backs David Walker
Offensive Line - Quality Control Michael McCarthy
Offensive Assistant/Research & Analysis Evan Rothstein
Coaching Assistant Payton McCollum
Defensive Line Kris Kocurek
Defensive Backs/Corners Tony Oden
Linebackers Bill Sheridan
Defensive Backs/Safeties Alan Williams
Assistant Defensive Line Matt Raich
Defensive Quality Control Steven Williams
Defensive Assistant – Special Projects George Godsey
Assistant Special Teams Coach Devin Fitzsimmons
Head Strength & Conditioning Harold Nash Jr.
Assistant Strength & Conditioning Josh Schuler
Director of Coaching Operations Gina Newell
Coaching Staff Assistant Kendra Robb
Vice President of Player Personnel Kyle O'Brien
Director of Player Personnel Lance Newmark
Director of Pro Scouting Brendan Prophett
Assistant Director of College Scouting Dave Sears
Assistant Director of Pro Scouting Rob Lohman
College Scouting Coordinator Joe Kelleher
Pro Scouting Coordinator Patrick Mularkey
Regional Scout Mark Olson
Regional Scout Dave Uyrus
Area Scout Alan Anderson
Area Scout Cary Conklin
Area Scout Jay Muraco
Area Scout Steve Neal
Area Scout Scott Sika
Pro Scout Charles Brensinger
College Scout Ron Miles
BLESTO Scout Eloy Ledesma
Scouting Assistant Bird Sherrill
Scouting Assistant Josh Vaughan
Chief of Staff - Assistant to the General Manager Kevin Anderson
Manager of Team Operations Derek Stamnos
Manager of Football Administration & Lead Counsel Jon Dykema
Football Operations Assistant Frank Bestich, Jr.
Head Athletic Trainer Kevin Bastin
Coordinator of Rehabilitation /
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Tom Colt
Assistant Athletic Trainer Joe Recknagel
Assistant Athletic Trainer Chris Curran
Assistant Athletic Trainer/Physical Therapist Partson Chinyadza
Team Performance Dietitian Sarah Snyder
Team Physician - Orthopaedist Kyle Anderson, M.D.
Team Physician - Orthopaedist Asheesh Bedi, M.D.
Team Physician - Internist Michael Workings, M.D.
Team Physician – Internist Brad Jaskulka, M.D.
Team Physician – Internist Kevin Whitlow
Team Physician - Orthopaedist William Acker, M.D.
Team Chiropractor Karen Slota
Team Dentist Chet Regula, D.M.D.
Team Physician - Ophthalmologist Kevin Everett, M.D.
Equipment Manager Tim O'Neill
Assistant Equipment Manager Joey Jaroshewich
Equipment Assistant Vince Herzog
Equipment Assistant Clayton Coleman
Equipment Assistant Brett Schubert
Director of Video Operations Robert Yanagi
Assistant Video Director Michael Richardson
Video Assistant Sean DiPinto
Video Assistant Jeremy Klawsky
Director of Security Elton Moore
Manager of Groundskeeping & Facility Operations Charlie Coffin
Groundskeeping Assistant Eric Bryan
Groundskeeping Assistant Ken Davidson
Groundskeeping Assistant Tom Ellis
Payroll Manager Colleen Gallo
Accounting Assistant/Accounts Payable Coordinator Anne McConnell
Senior Director of Human Resources Amy Lemon
Senior Manager of Human Resources Veronica Bonner
Receptionist Hawanya Quarles
Facilities Manager Mark Glenn
Facilities Assistant Ken Van Hevel
Facilities Assistant Travis Gosselin
Director of Football Systems Levi Wilson
Football Systems Developer Greg Kastelan
Football Systems Support Technician LaMarcus Lowe
Football Systems Support Technician Rahul Raj
Director of Enterprise Services Steve Lancaster
IT Specialist Mark Wilke
Systems Engineer James Green
Director of Community Relations Lauren Clayborne
Community Relations Manager Brandon Scott
Community Relations Coordinator Jessica Larmony
Community Relations Coordinator Stephanie Loomis
Senior Director of Corporate Communications Ben Manges
Corporate Communications Manager Ellen Trudell
Corporate Communications Specialist Rebecca Schmitter
Director of Football Communications Matt Barnhart
Assistant Director of Football Communications Eamonn Reynolds
Manager of Football Media Services Deanna Ivey
Coordinator of Football Communications Solomon Williams
Senior Director of New Media Ben Manges
Director of Digital Operations Todd Marcy
Director of New Media John Bondegard
Senior Manager of Digital Media Stuart Zaas
Managing Editor Lindsay Miller
Social Media Manager Major Taylor
Senior New Media Producer Dustyn Blindert
New Media Producer Neil Larson
New Media Producer Joe Marchert
Multimedia Journalist Tori Petry
Digital Media Coordinator Dylan Reffe
Lead Writer, Tim Twentyman
Columnist/Freelance Writer Mike O'Hara
Team Photographer Gavin Smith
Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships Mike Singer
Senior Director of Corporate Partnership Sales Tom Wyatt
Corporate Partnership Sales Executive Zachary Daul
Corporate Partnership Sales Executive Jordan Friedman
Corporate Partnership Sales Executive Marshall Spalding
Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Services Gwen Roney
Corporate Partnership Service Coordinator Max Klepper
Corporate Partnership Service Coordinator Melissa Murray
Corporate Partnership Service Coordinator Daniel Stropes
Senior Director of Human Resources Amy Lemon
Senior Manager of Human Resources Veronica Bonner
Human Resources Coordinator Megan Jackson
Senior Director of Business Development and Premium Seating Jared Kozinn
Director of Ticketing & Fan Engagement Tim Zenner
Director of Business Strategy and Analytics Ashton Mullinix
CRM & Research Manager Scott Howland
CRM & e-Marketing Coordinator Ryan Sullivan
Premium Services Manager Kathleen Sheldon
Premium Services Manager Shara Cabay
Premium Sales Manager Nathan DiLorenzo
Premium Sales Manager Brian Rooney
Premium Sales Manager Matthew Melchior
Premium Sales Manager Andy Goebel
Business Development Account Executive Eric Barrera
Business Development Account Executive Leah Rodgers
Business Development Account Executive William Mestdagh
Business Development Account Executive David Jaw
Business Development Account Executive Kyle Esty
Business Development Account Executive Gregory Darr
Business Development Coordinator Laura Koumoundouros
Consumer Sales Account Executive Lucas Schroeder
Consumer Sales Account Executive Matt Campbell
Consumer Sales Account Executive Greg Savage
Consumer Sales Account Executive Jareth Glanda
Consumer Sales Account Executive Donald Smith
Consumer Sales Account Executive Lyle Hoffman
Business Analyst Ben Braden
Senior Director of Ticket Technology and Ticket Operations Regis Bane
Director of Ticket Operations Mark Graham
Assistant Director of Ticket Operations Bill McCall
Manager of Ticketing Systems and Technology Eric Frisbee
Ticket Office Supervisor Lance Powser
Ticket Office Supervisor Louise Tabone
Ticket Office Supervisor Lisa Biondo
Senior Director of Sports Events & Business Development Dan Jaroshewich
Executive Director of Quick Lane Bowl & Events Brad Michaels
Events Coordinator Nicki Keller
Events Administrator Sarah Young
Events Coordinator Christian Bilkovic
Finance Manager Matthew Brenner
Manager of Financial Reporting Chuck Phillips
Staff Accountant Ashley Gentile
Payroll Coordinator Amanda Mazzola
Senior Director of Marketing Joel Scott
Creative Director Robbie Biederman
Senior Manager of Promotions Brittney McNorton
Marketing Manager Frank Novak
Graphic Design Coordinator Joey Stinson
Office Manager Karen Wozniak
Receptionist Kim Pickett
Director of Football Education Chris Fritzsching
Football Education Assistant/Team Mascot David Greenslait
Football Education Coordinator Patrick Sharrow
Director of Detroit Lions Cheerleaders Rebecca Smoker
Detroit Lions Cheerleaders Coordinator Jordan Haag
Director of Event Presentation Bryan Bender
Game Presentation and Production Manager Brian Haberkorn
Manager of Scoreboard and Broadcasting Operations Edward Clark
Videographer Steve Sellers
Director of Guests Services Courtney Alexander-Smith
Guest Services Coordinator LaQinda Gist
Director of Facility Services Laurie Clayton
Director of Operations Kristen Dale
Director of Facilities Fred Reddig
Commercial Real Estate and Project Manager Jamie Bragenzer
Operations Manager Ryan Marut
Operations & Security Specialist Russ Rowe
Housekeeping & Conversions Supervisor Rick Coldwell
Conversions Supervisor Tony Fisti
HVAC Technician Andi Opari
HVAC Technician Joe Whitus
Maintenance Operations Ray Amato
Maintenance Operations Patrick Craig
Maintenance Operations Sean Craig
Maintenance Operations Paul Kurdi
Maintenance Operations Joseph Williams
Maintenance Operations John Zmick
Maintenance Operations Wayne Stevens
Director of Security Darren Johnson