Ken Briere

Football Education Coach


Hometown: Allen Park, MI

Years Coaching Football: 15

Current Coaching Position: Head Coach


  • Favorite all-time Detroit Lions player: Chris Spielman
  • Favorite Coaching Memory: The many conversations and relationships over the years with players and fellow coaches.  
  • Favorite Position to Coach: Quarterback
  • Why I Coach?: Coaching football allows me to do my part to provide today's young men with the positive experience with football that I was so lucky to have. Over the course of my life, when I reflect on the greatest men who I respected the most, the majority were involved in the game of football. If I can make a kid look back at his experience playing for me in the same way that I reflect on so many of my coaches, I am indeed a very lucky man.
  • Personal Point of Pride: Determined. It's simple: DON'T GIVE UP! I don't care what it is, or what makes you want to quit; don't. Whatever is worth doing is worth doing until the goal has been accomplished.
  • Hobbies: Golf, Cooking, Graphic Design, anything with Annie, Will and Charlie.