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David Greenslait

Football Education Assistant / Mascot Coordinator


Hometown: Allen Park, MI

Years Coaching Football: 6

Title: Football Education Assistant


Favorite all-time Detroit Lions player: Jason Hanson

Favorite Coaching Memory: First time being entrusted to creating and conducting my own program designed for kickers and punters while here at the Detroit Lions and watching the progression the athletes had throughout the day.  

Favorite Position to Coach: Special Teams/Defensive Back/Quarterback

Why I Coach?: I firmly believe that the best way to learn is to take parts from many and wrap them into a whole. Thusly if I can teach an athlete even just one thing that they can take with them that makes them better than they were, whether on the field or off, it is worth any amount of work or time.

Personal Point of Pride: Determined - allows oneself to be willing to push through adversity and continue to pursue their goals no matter how difficult it may seem. Everyone will get knocked down at some point, to me it's how you respond to that that will truly define character. Never settle for less than what you believe you should be.

Unique Fun Fact about Coach: Applying to become a member of the PBA (Professional Bowlers Association).

Hobbies: Bowling, Billiards, and all other sports.