In addition to the official Detroit Lions Cheerleaders Pre-Audition Clinic on Tuesday, March 31st, we are offering a series of master 'drop-in' dance classes to provide additional opportunities for candidates to start training!

The sign-up page shows the full class schedule along with more details. Please sign-up using the link below. The drop-in cost is $15.00 per session.

NOTE: There are TWO classes offered on each night. If you would like to attend BOTH classes, you will need register for each class separately.

PAYMENT is required prior to the classes to reserve a spot. No exceptions.

NOTE: These are dance classes only. If you wish to find out all the details about becoming a Detroit Lions Cheerleader, be sure to attend the official DLC pre-audition clinic on Tuesday, March 31st!


The purpose of the master classes is to provide audition candidates an opportunity to train in a variety of styles of dance. The class skill level will be in the intermediate to advanced range all geared for aspiring professional performers who dream to achieve a coveted spot as a Detroit Lions Cheerleader. All classes will include a warm-up, applicable technique, and dance combinations taught at a rapid speed to mimic the fast-paced nature of the DLC rehearsals. The schedule and the classes are designed for the dancer to hone in on refreshing and mastering basic skills for success as a professional dancer. As the basis of all dance, ballet is highly recommended. Attendance in the classes does not guarantee that individuals will make the team.


  • DATES & TIMES: Listed on sign-up page
  • DROP-IN COST: $15 per class (Advanced payment required to reserve a spot.)
  • NOTE: If there are two classes on one night, each session is $15.00 per class.)
  • Digital payment is available as a last resort in person, but due to the high level of interest, we cannot guarantee there will be space in a class unless you reserve your spot ahead of time.
  • EXCLUSIVE OFFER: Candidates who register for twelve (12) master classes will receive special access to meet with the director to receive individual feedback and consultation at the conclusion of class on Tuesday, April 14th.
  • LOCATION: West Bloomfield, MI. Details provided in confirmation email.
  • Participants must bring this confirmation email and check-in with a DLC representative in the lobby prior to going into the studio space.
  • ATTIRE/SHOES: Fitted dance attire/applicable shoes recommended for jazz, hip hop, pom, modern/lyrical, and ballet. (Leotard and ballet shoes recommended, but not required for the ballet warmups.)
  • REGISTRATION: Space is limited. Candidates are encouraged to sign up for classes ahead of time to ensure adequate staffing. Classes are open to individuals 18 and older. Participants do NOT need to be an audition candidate to attend.
    Instructors staffed to teach these classes are specifically chosen and endorsed by the DLC Director.