Season Tickets at an Affordable Price

Never miss a home game and pay for your tickets in monthly - interest free payments with our 12-month payment plan.

Here's how it works:


The program runs off of a calendar year beginning in August and ending in July.


You can start at any time, but if you opt into the program during any month other than July, you must make a one-time payment to catch your payments up to the current month.

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12-Month Payment Plan


Here's how it works:

  • All Season Ticket Members are automatically enrolled to participate
  • To qualify, Season Ticket Members must attend 8 or more home games during the 2019 season*
  • Qualifying accounts will be eligible to receive a credit to their 2020 season ticket renewal equal to ½ the Season Ticket Member ticket value assigned to the unused game ticket(s)
  • To earn the 2020 season ticket renewal credit, members simply need to renew their 2020 season tickets and pay-in-full when season ticket invoices are issued in February of 2020

*Attendance determined by entry scan of game ticket. Each individual seat location in the Season Ticket Member's season ticket package is examined independently to determine 2020 season ticket renewal credit eligibility.

NOTE This program only applies to the 10 games in the Season Ticket Member's season ticket package. Playoff games are not part of this program.

QUALIFYING EXAMPLE: John owns 2 season tickets. He and his wife attend every home game together throughout the season except for the game versus the Minnesota Vikings. John's tickets for the Vikings game are valued at $90/ticket. In this scenario, John has qualified for a $90 season ticket renewal credit for the 2020 season (1/2 value of his $90 Vikings ticket = $45 --- $45 credit/ticket times 2 unused tickets = $90). John automatically qualifies for this $90 season ticket renewal credit for the 2020 season provided he pays-in-full during the 2020 season invoicing period in February 2020.

NON-QUALIFYING EXAMPLE: Linda owns 1 season ticket. She is traveling for work frequently in August and September and doesn't use any of her tickets for the first three home games. However, she does attend all 7 remaining home games. In this case, Linda has not met the minimum threshold of 8 games attended and therefore does not qualify for the any 2020 season ticket renewal credit.

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