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Quick Lane Bowl and its partners are proud to support these organizations!


The Quick Lane Bowl and its partners have been proud to support Detroit PAL (Police Athletic League) as our local Detroit charitable organization. The Quick Lane Bowl provides members of the Detroit PAL youth football program with new Nike jerseys and pants as well as Riddell helmets and pads. The Quick Lane Bowl understands the importance of our youth players wearing correct equipment to ensure players are both safe and properly protected. Members of the Detroit PAL youth football program are invited to the Quick Lane Bowl game as our honored guests. While at Ford Field, they join the teams on field for the National Anthem as well as form a fan tunnel cheering on the teams as they take the field. We also highlight the PAL youth football players on the Jumbotron as fans get to see first-hand the youth football players receiving their new football gear for the first time. The Quick Lane Bowl is excited to support such a well deserving local Detroit youth sport and football organization year after year.

In 1969, Detroit's Police Athletic League was founded. Led by many of the biggest names in Detroit sports, it gave children an opportunity to learn through athletics and develop the confidence and motivation to go far in life. In 1996, two young lawyers, Mike Tenbusch and Dan Varner, founded Think Detroit. Designed as an alternative to Detroit's existing youth sports leagues, Think Detroit quickly drew children to its leagues. Realizing that together they could best serve Detroit's youth population, the two leagues merged in 2006 to create Detroit PAL. With year-round programs that star more than 10,000 young athletes and thousands of coaches, Detroit PAL helps its athletes learn the skills needed to succeed both on and off the playing field. Detroit PAL is an organization made up of numerous caring people who are devoted to improving the lives of our city's children.


The Quick Lane Bowl is proud to partner with Gleaners Community Food Bank to host an event with each representing school. Throughout the event, student athletes, coaches, staff and travel party will help bag potatoes, apples, and prepared snack bags to support school-based mobile pantries.

Gleaners Community Food Bank distributes food for more than 90,000 meals each day to 550 partner soup kitchens, shelters and pantries in five southeast Michigan counties. Gleaners works closely with schools to help keep children from falling behind due to hunger.

Since 2014, the schools have packaged more than 205,430 pounds of potatoes, 20,174 pounds of apples, 3,600 snack bags and fed over 47,062 families during their time at Gleaners. (learn more: