Audition Process


  • Candidates must check in at registration.
  • Registration for round one begins at 8:00 a.m.
  • After registration candidates will introduce themselves on a microphone to the judges. (Name | Education | Occupation)
  • Candidates will have one minute to perform 'freestyle' dance moves in groups for the judging panel.
  • Immediately following the 'freestyle' round, candidates will learn a short dance combo to perform in groups for the judging panel. The dance combo will include technical dance skills.
  • Candidates will have one minute to perform 'freestyle' dance moves in groups for the judging panel.
  • Although candidates will not know what music they will be dancing to until the day of auditions, they should prepare numerous eight counts of choreography ahead of time that can easily be transferred to upbeat dance music.
  • There are no specific movements that must be executed at preliminaries. 'Freestyle' dance should be a blend of jazz/pom/hip-hop that incorporates movements that you feel comfortable with technically.
  • We would recommend that you showcase your strongest dance moves as well as any technical skills, such as kicks, double or triple turns, leaps, flexibility movements, etc.
  • Candidate information for those moving on to the semi-finals will be posted at the end of the preliminary round.
  • Throughout auditions, the most important performance quality is confidence. So, with any of the dance elements, use great posture, strong, controlled movements and always, with a smile!
  • A very strong and passionate showmanship presentation is required through each audition phase.


  • Candidates will receive reporting time at the end of the preliminary round.
  • Candidates will be taught a fast-paced dance combination. Choreography may include kicks, turns, and leaps.
  • Immediately following the teaching portion, candidates will perform the dance combination in groups in front of the panel of judges.
  • Upon completion of this round, candidates selected to attend the final auditions will be posted.
  • Those selected for the final auditions will stay for a brief meeting with the Director to discuss the final round of the audition process; including details for the interview as well as choreography that they will be responsible for.


  • Candidates who have advanced to the finals are required to schedule to attend a job interview with the Director.
  • Times will be available following the semi-final round.
  • Professional business attire is required for the interview.


  • This is the portion of the audition where finalists have the opportunity to showcase their own style of dance and display their individual creativity.
  • Candidates will be taught additional choreography separate from the previous rounds.
  • All choreography learned throughout the audition process will be performed during the final round.
  • Candidates will then be responsible for adding their own choreography to a designated portion of the routine. This information will be shared at the end of the semi-final round.
  • Finalists will stay for a brief meeting with the Director and finalists chosen for training camp will be posted at the completion of the final round.