The Detroit Lions Football Education Department presents an exciting, interactive character education initiative entitled “Proud Like a Lion”, designed to teach students K-5 an important anti-bullying message. This presentation will help students define bullying, review different types of bullying, what to do when you experience or witness bullying and steps to stop bullying from happening.

Students will also recite Roary’s “Proud Like a Lion” anti-bullying pledge and learn how to S.T.A.N.D. Proud Like a Lion.

  1. STAND tall and walk in a way that shows you are a person deserving of another’s respect
  2. TELL an appropriate adult
  3. AVOID putting yourself in harm’s way
  4. Say NO to a bully’s demands
  5. DEVELOP friendships

The objective of the assembly is to utilize the sport of football and our Detroit Lions’ Mascot Roary as an avenue to convey the anti-bullying message in a fun and educational forum.