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The Last Time
Punt Return for a Touchdown
By Lions: A. Roberts, 55t vs. JAX 11/20/16
By Opponent: M. Hyde, 55t at GB 12/28/14
Kickoff Return for a Touchdown
By Lions: J. Ross, 98t at PHI 12/8/13
By Opponent: P. Harvin, 105t vs. MIN 9/30/12
Interception Return for a Touchdown
By Lions: R. Bush, 39t vs. JAX 11/20/16
By Opponent: C. LeBlanc, 24t vs. CHI 12/11/16
200+ Yds Rushing
By Lions: B. Sanders, 216 vs. IND 11/23/97
By Opponent: L. McCoy, 217 at PHI 12/8/13
300+ Yds Receiving
By Lions: C. Johnson, 329 vs. DAL 10/27/13
By Opponent: J. Benton, 303 vs. CLE 11/22/45
75+yd Reception
By Lions: C. Johnson, 79t at PIT 11/17/13
By Opponent: T. Underwood, 85t vs. TB 11/24/13
500+ Yds Passing
By Lions: M. Stafford, 520 at GB 1/1/12
By Opponent: Never Happened
Fumble Recovered/Returned for a Touchdown
By Lions: C. Reid, 27t, at SEA 10/5/15
By Opponent: M. Burnett, 1t vs. GB 11/28/13
Touchdown Off a Halfback Pass
By Lions: J. Jones to G. Danielson, 22t vs. PHI 11/4/84
By Opponent: D. Bryant to J. Witten, 10t at DAL 12/26/16
Kicked Game-Winning FG (4th quarter/OT)
By Lions: M. Prater, 40 vs. MIN 11/24/16
By Opponent: D. Carpenter, 58 vs. BUF 10/5/14
Touchdown Off a Fake Field Goal
By Lions: J. Reed to Ed O’Neil, 32t, vs. ATL 9/19/76
By Opponent: J. Brown to D. Fells, 36t, vs. STL 11/1/09
Fumble Recovered In End Zone for TD
By Lions: S. Tulloch, vs. MIN 12/11/11 (Vikings QB C. Ponder fumble)
By Opponent: B. Leber, at MIN 10/8/06 (Lions QB J. Kitna fumble)
Blocked Field Goal
By Lions: T. Walker, at MIN 11/6/16
By Opponent: J. Ratliff, at CHI 12/21/14
Blocked Field Goal for a Touchdown
By Lions: S. Rogers block, Bracy Walker 92t at CHI 9/12/04
By Opponent: H. Ford block (J. Hanson kick), D. Mitchell 69t vs. TEN 10/21/01
Blocked Punt
By Lions: B. Copeland, at NYG 12/18/16
By Opponent: D. Gorrer, vs. TB 11/24/13
Blocked Punt Recovered/Returned for a Touchdown
By Lions: B. Blades, vs. GB 11/1/92
By Opponent: W. Harris, vs. WAS 11/7/04
Blocked PAT
By Lions: J. DeVries (R. Longwell kick), vs. MIN 10/8/06
By Opponent: A. Talib  (M. Prater kick), at PHI 9/27/15
Missed PAT
By Lions: M. Prater, vs. JAX 11/20/16
By Opponent: S. Hauschka, at SEA 01/07/17
By Lions: at TB, 9/29/96
By Opponent: at GB, 10/18/09
By Lions: D. Murray tackled by D. Taylor in end zone, vs. TEN 9/18/16
By Opponent: M. Stafford intentional grounding in end zone, at GB 12/28/14