Draft History 2010-2019
1a. 2 Suh, Ndamukong DT Nebraska
1b. 30 Best, Jahvid (from Min) RB California
2. 34  Choice to Min    
3. 66  Spievey, Amari CB  Iowa 
4a. 100  Choice to Min    
4b. 128 Fox, Jason (from Min) T Miami
5a. 133 Choice to Sea    
5b. 146 Choice to Cle (from Den)    
6. 171 Choice to Atl    
7a. 209 Choice to Buf    
7b. 213 Young, Willie (from Sea) DE  North Carolina State 
7c. 214 Choice to Min (from Cle)    
7d. 220 Choice to Phi    
7e. 255 Toone, Tim WR Weber St.
1 13 Fairley, Nick DT Auburn
2a. 44 Young, Titus WR Boise State
2b. 57 Leshoure, Mikel RB Illinois
3. 75 Choice to Sea
4. 107 Choice to Sea
5a. 140 Choice to KC)
5b. 154 Choice to Sea    
5c. 157 Hogue, Doug LB Syracuse
6a. 173 Choice to Sea    
6b. 185 Choice to GB through Den (from Phi)    
7a. 205 Choice to Sea (from Den)
7b. 209 Culbreath, Johnny (from Cle through Sea) T South Carolina St.
7c. 210 Choice to Atli
7d. 231 Choice to Miami through SF and GB (from NYJ)
1. 23 Reiff, Riley OT Iowa
2. 54 Broyles, Ryan WR Oklahoma
3. 85 Bentley, Dwight CB Louisiana Lafayette
4a. 117 Choice to SF
4b. 125 Lewis, Ronnell (from SF) OLB Oklahoma
5a. 138 Whitehad, Tahir (from Min) OLB Temple
5b. 148 Greenwood, Chris (from Oak) CB Albion
5c. 158 Choice to Oak    
6. 196 Green, Jonte (from NO through Miami and SF) DB New Mexico State
7a. 223 Lewis, Travis (from Phi through NE and Minn) OLB Oklahoma
7b. 230 Choice to Oak    
1. 5 Ansah, Ezekiel DE Brigham Young
2. 36 Slay, Darius CB Mississippi
3. 65 Warford, Larry G Kentucky
4 102 Choice to NE through Min
4 132 Taylor, Devin DE South Carolina
5a. 137 Choice to Sea    
5b. 165 Martin, Sam (From Bal through Sea) P Appalachian State
6a. 171 Fuller, Corey WR Virginia Tech
6b. 199 Riddick, Theo (From SF through Bal and Sea) RB Notre Dame
7a. 211 Williams, Michael TE Alabama
7b. 245 Hepburn, Brandon LB Florida A&M
1. 10 Ebron, Eric TE North Carolina
2a. 40 Van Noy, Kyle (From Min through Sea) LB Brigham Young
2b. 45 Choice to Sea    
3. 76 Swanson, Travis C Arkansas
4a. 111 Choice to Cin through Sea    
4b. 133 Lawson, Nevin CB Utah State
4c. 136 Webster, Larry DE Bloomsburg
5a. 146 Choice to Dal (From Oak through Sea)    
5b. 158 Reid, Caraun (From Dal) DT Princeton
6. 189 Jones, TJ WR Notre Dame
7a. 227 Choice to Sea    
7b. 229 Freese, Nate K Boston College
1a. 23 Choice to Den
1b. 28. Tomlinson, Laken (From Den) G Duke
2. 54 Abdullah, Ameer RB Nebraska
3a. 80 Carter, Alex (From KC through Min) CB Stanford
3b. 88 Choice to Min    
4. 113 Wright, Gabe (From SF through Buf and Phi) DT Auburn
5. 168 Burton, Michael (From NE through TB) FB Rutgers
6. 200 Diggs, Quandre CB Texas
7. 240 Robinson, Corey T South Carolina
1. 16 Decker, Taylor T Ohio State
2. 46 Robinson, A'Shawn DT Alabama
3. 95 (compensatory) Glasgow, Graham OL Michigan
4. 111 Killebrew, Miles S Southern Utah
5a. 151 Dahl, Joe OL Washington State
5b. 169 Williams, Antwione (from Den) LB Georgia Southern
6a. 191 Rudock, Jake QB Michigan
6b. 202 Zettel, Anthony (from Sea) DL Penn State
6c. 210 (compensatory) Landes, Jimmy LS Baylor
7. 236 Washington, Dwayne RB Washington
1. 21 Davis, Jarrad LB Florida
2. 53 Tabor, Teez CB Florida
3. 96 Golladay, Kenny (From NE) WR Northern Illinois
4a. 124 Reeves-Maybin, Jalen (From NE through Ten) LB Tennessee
4b. 127 Roberts, Michael TE Toledo
5. 165 Jamal Agnew CB San Diego
6a. 205 Ledbetter, Jeremiah DE Arkansas
6b. 215 Kaaya, Brad (From NE) QB Miami
7. 250 O'Connor, Pat (From NE) DE Eastern Michigan