Reggie Bush Blog: "It is good that our team has been battle-tested"

Posted Oct 18, 2013

Heading into a Week 7 match-up with Cincinnati, Reggie Bush talks about the tests this Lions team has already met, and passed.

I don't know if we have had an emotional win yet. I know with Cleveland we felt like we wanted to dominate because of the preseason game and the way they kind of beat us up a little bit. But I think so far all of our wins have come because of our preparation and the way we have adjusted at halftime like the last game.

It's also good that you know your team can step up and pick up the slack when some of our key players are down. We won in Washington when I had to sit out and we won last week when Calvin was limited.

We are no different than any other team, though. Dealing with injuries is just part of football. Everybody in the NFL has something at this point of the year. It's good to know our players will rise to the occasion when key players are out.

You need that because the season is like a rollercoaster. It is going to go up and down and you are going to have little things here and there. It is good that our team has been battle-tested and it's good to know that we have been able to handle the pressure.