Reggie Bush Blog: "I don't think losing this last game had anything to do with pressure"

Posted Nov 20, 2013

In his weekly blog on, RB Reggie Bush weighs in on the Lions' recent loss at Pittsburgh and how the team will regain focus preparing for Tampa Bay

Reggie BushPhoto: G. Smith/Detroit Lions

I don't think losing this last game had anything to do with pressure being at the top of the division. I think it was about our mental approach during the week.

We made a lot of mental errors in this game. We made some physical errors - that's expected, it's a football game and a physical sport - but we made a lot of mental errors, including myself. Errors that we preach.

We have to correct that this week. I don't think this is a crisis or anything, but our sense of urgency definitely has to go up. We definitely need to make sure that, within our position groups, we're making sure we're focused and doing the right things.

A lot of times it's not the big things that get you beat, it's the little things that you don't pay attention to over the course of a couple weeks and then it bites you.

But teams experience these ups and downs. This is a tough sport. It's hard to go 10-1, 12-1. It's not easy. There are only about two or three teams every year that do it. Everybody else is kind of middle of the pack and kind of fighting tooth and nail. Then all of a sudden they pull away the last four games.

I can sometimes get caught up looking at teams with those records and saying, 'Why aren't we there right now?' 'Why aren't we doing that?' Because we know we're capable of being there and doing that but - at the same time - you have to catch yourself.

The fact of the matter is, this is a tough league. Any team can beat you on any given Sunday and if we don't pay attention and focus and come to work this week, Tampa Bay will beat us.

We understand the Bucs are a more than capable football team - we aren't looking ahead to Thanksgiving. We just lost a game we know we should have won - that we could have won. We let it get away from us. Nobody is looking past this next game. Everybody is focused.