REGGIE BUSH BLOG: "You do not have to be Superman every time you touch the ball"

Posted Sep 27, 2013

RB Reggie Bush on being excited to get back on the field and what the Bears' defense thrives on

"I’m very eager to get back out there. I feel like it's been months, but it's only been a week. Obviously it is a big game for us, which makes me even more excited to get back out there.

"The Bears have a different coach, but it is the same defensive system. I wouldn’t be surprised if the terminology was all the same. It doesn’t look like they changed up anything, and I think it’s because the players have been there and have grown in that system, and that makes it easy for them.

"They play a lot of zone, but they blitz, too. Their main thing is getting turnovers, that is where they thrive. Getting turnovers and scoring off those turnovers. They keep everything in front of them and then try to make you make the mistakes with fumbles and interceptions.

"Holding onto the football has definitely been a point of interest this week. We know that if we don’t turn the ball over we have a really good chance of winning this game.

"Where teams lose is they get careless with the ball and they try to do a little bit extra and do a little too much, when they could just put two hands on the ball, get tackled and get ready for the next play. You do not have to be Superman every time you touch the ball."