REGGIE BUSH BLOG: "It was better for me to put my pride aside"

Posted Sep 20, 2013

RB Reggie Bush reflects on what he learned from last weekend's loss at Arizona

Reggie BushPhoto: G. Smith/Detroit Lions

Last week at Arizona, we got in our own way.

Penalties killed us and we had a costly turnover which was 100-percent my fault for a number of different reasons.

One, I shouldn't have been back in the game because I wasn't healthy and I said I was. I thought I could fight through, but I couldn't. So it was better for me to put my pride aside and put the next guy in.

That's a mistake by me and something that I have to learn from and grow from. It's hard when a coach asks you, ‘Can you go?' and to put your pride aside and say, 'you know what, the team is better without me right now in the game.'

That's a hard thing to do. That's kind of a blow to your ego and to your manhood so to speak.

You feel like you can fight through pain, you can fight through anything and still go out there and be a great player.

For me, that's something I've got to learn from.