O'Hara: Schwartz's advice to players - don't drive

Posted Nov 27, 2012

Jim Schwartz has a suggestion for every player in the NFL who gets behind the wheel – including those who never get tickets.

Don't drive. Period.

"Honestly, I think it would be best for every single player in the NFL to have a driver," the Lions' head coach said Tuesday. "I don't know if that's always feasible and things like that. I think there are a lot of situations that can be avoided … if you have a driver."

Schwartz was responding to questions about the latest driving-related incident involving defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

A report surfaced on Monday that Suh was cited on Nov. 15 in Lathrup Village for failure to use due caution and care. However, the case is being reviewed by the city attorney's office and William Armstrong, chief of police of Lathrup Village.

The ticket could be dismissed, pending the review.

"It just takes something off your radar," Schwartz said of having a driver. "And he's certainly a guy in a fortunate position that he could afford something like that.

"We want all our players to be good citizens on and off the field, to be safe drivers, to pay parking tickets and all those things. That's all part of being a member of society."

Guard Rob Sims seemed amused when asked about having a driver.

"I think that's pretty cool," Sims said. "Coach Schwartz might be right about that. I'd love to get chauffeured around. I think that would be cool. There's nothing wrong with that.

"If I could, I would."